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In the realm of video game creation, few titles capture the imagination quite like "Quest Master." With its promise of blending the creative freedom of "Mario Maker" with the adventure-rich universe of "Zelda," gamers around the globe eagerly anticipate its release. To delve deeper into the magic behind this upcoming sensation, we sat down with Julian Creutz, from the "Quest Master" dev team for an exclusive interview.

Crafting Adventures: A Peek Behind the Scenes

"Quest Master" is more than just a game; it's a platform for creative expression. Offering a blend of action, puzzle-solving, and world-building elements, it invites players to become the architects of their own virtual realms. The game's primary focus lies in its Dungeon Maker mode, where players can design intricate labyrinths filled with traps, enemies, and hidden secrets.

As described by Julian, Quest Master is a captivating fusion of two iconic gaming experiences. Players have the power to create intricate dungeons, share them with others, and embark on their own single-player campaign. What sets "Quest Master" apart is its Castle Town, an expansive hub area teeming with side activities reminiscent of beloved "Zelda" minigames.

Julian explained, "You create dungeons, and you can play dungeons of other players. And we also have a single player campaign. Um, and we also have an elaborative outer area called Castle Town, where there are some very things site activities, we can do like minigames are very akin to the Zelda games, like the shooting gallery, intros, mask, stuff like that."

A Universe of Creativity: Building Mode Unveiled

One of the most intriguing aspects of "Quest Master" is its robust building mode, allowing players to craft dungeons limited only by their imagination. "You can either play the dungeons or you can only make dungeons," Julius elaborated. "There's always online building, you just keep downloading. Exactly people and just play those."

In addition to dungeon layout, "Quest Master" offers extensive customization options for enemy behavior, trigger mechanisms, and environmental effects. Players can design complex puzzles using torches, switches, sequence triggers, and hidden objects. The game's polish is evident in its smooth transitions between play and maker modes, as well as its dynamic music and visual themes.

From laying down terrains to placing hazards and enemies, the building mode in "Quest Master" promises endless possibilities. The interview shed light on the seamless transition between building and playing modes, offering creators the chance to test their creations in real-time without any delays.

Navigating Challenges: A Dive into Dungeon Design

The discussion turned to the intricacies of dungeon design, particularly the challenge of determining difficulty levels. Julian emphasized the subjective nature of difficulty in games and hinted at a player-driven rating system to help gauge the challenge levels of user-generated content.

He remarked, "You can give your dungeon your own difficulty rating. When you decide to up to publish it... I thought about allowing some kind of automated difficulty testing, but it's difficult because things like puzzles aren't really detectable."

The Road Ahead: Exciting Features on the Horizon

As the interview drew to a close, Julian teased some upcoming features, including the possibility of themed dungeons and seasonal variations. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a cohesive experience while allowing for player creativity.

"Despite wanting to give players a lot of freedom some features just wouldn't go well with others, for instance going from a forest level straight into lava could be to jarring, so each dungeon experience will have its own unique features and will be a separate dedicated experience."

With "Quest Master" poised to redefine the boundaries of player-driven storytelling and creativity, gamers everywhere eagerly await its release, ready to embark on adventures limited only by their imagination.

In summary, "Quest Master" emerges as a beacon of innovation in the gaming landscape, blending the best elements of "Mario Maker" and "Zelda" into an experience that promises endless exploration and creativity. With Julian and his team at the helm, it sure looks like they just might bring a new creative phenomenon to games across the world.

The steam early access and even a demo are available now. 
You can find the Early Access version of the game on Steam here.
We are also fully engrossed in the game ourselves and will post a re/pre-view of the full E.A. game experience so far. You can find it here soon

Title: Quest Master
Publisher: Apogee Entertainment
Developer: Julian Creutz, Skydevilpalm
PlatformPC (Steam Early Access)
Release Date: May 29th, 2024
Price: $19.99 ($17.99 with a 10% launch discount)

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