PAX West ticket prices announced. Going on sale this week!


PAX just announced on social media that badges for PAX West 2024, will be going on sale in just a few days.

A quick look at the prices could lead to some changed in how things were priced in the past. is it too much or too little that is for you to decided. however, at $66 /day for a convention as big as PAX West seems price changed have taken place in an attempt to give people more options. A 4 day pass will cost you an even $250 dollars. Which mean you save $14 over individually buying a ticket for each day.

New this year are bundle prices for more than one pass at a time giving you a different way to get a discount. So, get some friends together and jump in. However, this is an early bird deal that expired by June 20th. The discount is only applicable to one day badges, however. So, count and plan correctly.

if you want to stay up to date on the latest changes and when the tickets go on sale you can follow them here : PAX (@pax) / X (


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