Title: "Big Boy Boxing: Knockout Fun and Animated Mayhem!"

By Rob, Dad Geek - September 9, 2023 Developers Martin Calander and Ludvig Thelberg of Soup Masters are bringing the ring to life with. &quo...

By Rob, Dad Geek - September 9, 2023

Developers Martin Calander and Ludvig Thelberg of Soup Masters are bringing the ring to life with. "Big Boy Boxing." Inspired by classics like Punch-Out!! and indie sensation Cuphead, this single-player action boss rush game is set to pack a punch. 
Big Boy Boxing is a single player action boss rush with highly stylized hand-drawn animations where you challenge the unique cast of boxers together with your Coach Hank, as you slowly rise to the top as the Big Champion! Each opponent has their own creative way to knock you out and send you face down on the floor. Keep an eye on their unique animations, attack patterns and timing to ensure you are still standing when the bell rings!

Taking a break from their relentless development schedule, the duo behind "Big Boy Boxing" showcased their game at PAX WEST 2023. Fortunately, they spared some time to chat with us about their exciting project.

Big Boy Boxing: A Knockout Overview
Martin Calander, one of the minds behind Soup Masters, gave us the inside scoop. "Big Boy Boxing" is a slapstick Boss Rush game that takes inspiration from beloved classics like Punch-Out!! and modern hits like Cuphead. In this game, bosses aren't just formidable adversaries; they're also masters of transformation. Prepare for jaw-dropping twists mid-fight that will keep you on your toes.

Punching Above the Rest
Martin went on to explain how they plan to distinguish "Big Boy Boxing" from games of a similar genre. "One of the biggest differences is our strides and abilities system. Players can customize their approach with different abilities that come with unique passive strides. Plus, the mid-fight boss transformations add an unpredictable Dark Souls-esque element."

Top Features That Pack a Punch
When asked about the standout features of the game, 
Martin didn't hesitate. "We're incredibly proud of our visuals and animations. The game is bursting with well-animated characters. Our goal is to capture the essence of classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry with exaggerated reactions. Expect lots of laughs and surprises as you pummel your opponents."

Platform Knockout
For those wondering where they can get their hands on "Big Boy Boxing," 
Martin revealed their plans. "We're targeting a 2024 launch and will be available for wishlisting on Steam. Additionally, we're aiming for releases on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox."

A Glimpse of the Ring
Before wrapping up our chat, Martin Calander left us with an enticing teaser. "This is a game where you'll want to check out our small teaser trailer. It showcases the characters and personalities we've poured into each boss."

The Final Bell
As we concluded our conversation, excitement at the "Big Boy Boxing" booth was prevalent. With its hilarious animations, unpredictable twists, and platform availability, it promises to be a heavyweight contender. Keep an eye out for this uproarious title and get ready to step into the ring for an unforgettable gaming experience. Thanks to Martin Calander and Ludvig Thelberg, we're all looking forward to the big fight!


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