Asterigos: Call of the Paragons Brings New Challenges and Rewards for Brave Adventurers

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars has been a hit among fans of action-adventure games and we here at GVG also enjoyed it plenty , and the new DL...

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars has been a hit among fans of action-adventure games and we here at GVG also enjoyed it plenty, and the new DLC, Call of the Paragons, brings even more excitement to this beloved title. In this expansion, players can journey to new environments, face tougher challenges, and engage in epic boss battles.

Once the main quest is complete, the journey continues as players explore the shrines around Aphes and venture into Phantasma, the realm of heroes. Here, players will face off against the Paragons, legends of eras past, and perfect their combat skills against waves of enemies, devious puzzles, and seven thrilling new boss battles.

New badass outfits and adventures await.

The rewards for defeating these legendary heroes are great, as players can claim twelve new cosmic weapons imbued with the starry energies of Phantasma. These powerful blades light the way to a brighter tomorrow and can only be claimed by the bravest and strongest of warriors.

Asterigos: Call of the Paragons also comes with a major patch, which is free for all players. Among the highlights are new outfits, quality-of-life improvements, and the Gift of the Nexus system. This system rewards diligent explorers of Aphes with permanent upgrades and unique items, making the journey even more rewarding.

For those who are up for the challenge, the Northwind Legion's greatest challenge awaits. Steel yourself and prepare to face the toughest challenges in Asterigos yet.

Overall, Asterigos: Call of the Paragons aims to bring new challenges and rewards to the already engaging world of Asterigos. With epic boss battles, tougher challenges, and powerful rewards, Get ready to journey to new environment and claim your place among the legends of Phantasma.

The Call of the Paragons DLC is out TODAY and requires Asterigos: Curse of the Stars and is available individually for $11.99/€11.99 or as part of the Deluxe and Ultimate editions for $44.99/€44.99 and $54.99/€54.99 respectively. The Deluxe edition, which includes the DLC, is now available on Xbox consoles.

We hope to bring you a full review of the DLC soon.


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