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Let's just come straight out with it.  Totally Reliable Delivery Service (TRDS) is fun and mayhem in a box. What ever your box is: Conso...

Let's just come straight out with it. Totally Reliable Delivery Service (TRDS) is fun and mayhem in a box. What ever your box is: Console, PC or Mobile you will find yourself a playground of weirdness based on running delivery tasks filled with leaps, falls, explosions and crashes. 

To be fair, I am not sure if calling it a game is the right description for TRDS. Yes there is the objective of delivering packages, but is seems more a means to an end to get money and unlock costumes and items. These add then to the fun of customizing your character with all kinds of crazy outfits and customize the vehicles you find in the game. Exploring and trying to interact with the various areas and objects in the game bring their own rewards as well, from achievement unlocks to the simple pleasure of messing around. Want to ride the Ferris wheel? Flip the lever and hang on for dear life. Want to see things from up high? Take a plane, try not to crash it on take off.  Try to punch a wandering crab just to be run over bu it instead. It is easy to get sidetracked from the main delivery goal. 

The main draw of the TRDS is the use of crazy physics that make it hard to control your character which results in may slapstick moments.With finger-less arms you grab on to packages, vehicles, buildings and more by pressing the triggers of your controller. The bumpers make you lift your arms as you try to move an object. The controls get especially tricky when you try to control a vehicle. All transport is operated by one or more levers. These cars do not have steering wheels and it is an odd experience. Still within a few moments you should be able to take off and at least get moving.

TRDS really shows its potential when you play it with one or more friends, serving up both local and online coop we jumped in some local splitscreen. initially we had a bit of an issue connecting the joycons, until we discovered you need both to properly play and as it turns out at the time of review/release you can only play with two players split screen.
Once we were on the way and started , the hoot'n and hollering did not stop. It was nice to have a release of the stressful days hunkering down inside the house hiding from an ongoing epidemic. For a bit we were just thigh slapping laughing out-loud crazy with each new discovery made. I would say that the game is really meant to play (and watch) together. Pass the controller around, call out ideas of what to try next, Try to beat each others delivery times and more. At one point we discovered that holding a fire extinguisher would blast you up high above the buildings into the stratosphere, the next moment the kids would try to hold on to a handle bar in a carnival ride that liked one of those UFO/saucer rides, while the other send it straight to MAX POWER. Needless to say someone flew off into the distance, rag-doll physics taking over for comic effect.

Technically the game is not impressive to look at too much, plain to now textures and not the greatest draw distance ( on the switch) it feels a little empty and unpolished in certain areas. Empty as in surroundings, not in things to do. The seagulls flying above were jagged, blocky and jumpy but then again the main scene kept running smooth as the character was waddle running her way to the next thing in sight. The music and sound effects work well with the theme of the game and add to the immersion of silliness. 

The developer mention on their twitter that the Switch version only had 2 player local coop right now, but that a future update will expand on that. There is a lot this game can grow and hopefully we will see more items, costumes and areas to explore and experiment with. 
As  you can tell we had a blast playing Totally Reliable Delivery Service. We just spend most time goofing around that I am not sure how long the core game it, but then again who chooses to work when you can play?
If you are not sure about this game then why not try it our on your PC via the EPIC store as tinyBuild is giving the game away for free the entire week of release.. that means now, until the 8th of April. So bring a friend ( or 3) and jump in.

Game information:
Title: Totally Reliable Delivery Service
Developer:We're Five Games
Publisher: tinyBuild
Release date: April 1st, 2020
Platforms: PC (EPIC), Nintendo Switch,PlayStation 4,XBOX One,Mobile
Version Reviewed: Nintendo Switch
ESRB: E for Everyone


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