Moving out. You are insured for this ..right?

"This sofa does not fit through the door.. let's go here and just throw it through the window." "Is that ok?" "...

"This sofa does not fit through the door.. let's go here and just throw it through the window."
"Is that ok?"
"Sure, they signed a waver, we are on the clock here, gotta get that gold."

In moving out a timely delivery is the most important goal. Don't worry about the mess you leave behind. Just get everything loaded in the truck in time. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? Well don't be fooled. You are going to need ingenuity, teamwork and sheer will to beat the clock and get the job done in time. Really, house architects should just install large loading docks on each house and not include hallways or internal walls for that matter. It would make moving so much easier.

What is it?
Moving out is a hilarious physics-based game in which you take on the role of a moving crew that includes up to four player couch co-op.In the game you go through a small training after which you become a certified Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician, or F.A.R.T. for short.  As a relocation expert you will take on jobs all across the bustling town of Packmore and help its citizens move out of their old home.Your company Smooth Moves is not the biggest moving company in town but they make up for it with fast service and a team of talent for which no task is too dangerous or too strange. As you successfully take on larger jobs, your company will grow and recruit new characters along the way.

The controls for Moving Out are simple, grab something with: L1, Slap with Square, Throw by holding down square. jump with x,  and see objectives with triangle. After the introduction level where you learn the basics you find yourself on a map of the town in a moving truck. Markers on the map indicate contracts to complete. You drive to each location and activate it to start the mission. Each mission will have a target time, make it and you get a gold score. Miss it and you can still go for silver by reaching the next target time and after that bronze. Within this time limit you need to load up a number of objects in the house. TV's fridges, toasters, sofa's, beds.. even the barbecue while it is still on. Need moment to relax or to appreciate your accomplishments so far? Why not press the D-pad directional to give a thumbs up or do a silly dance, but don't get too distracted. Back to work with you.

Each house has a different layout and different challenges and the traditional path might not be the best one. That bad does not go though the door? Why not go through the window? Too many steps to the truck? Why not toss it from a distance. No real care for the goods or the house itself has been taken into account. Time is everything. However there can be a hidden bonus objective that gives you more points as you complete them. For instance in one of the early levels we were chased by a roaming snapping turtle. If you manage to grab it and add it to the delivery truck you get some extra appreciation from your customer. These objectives remain available after completion, giving you a reason to go back and challenge  yourself. Even though smashing things is the motto most of the time, in some cases you will see a bunch of fragile items. It is probably a good idea to take your time with those. Or, if playing with a buddy, have them catch it when you toss it out of the window.

Physics play a big part in the fun but also the challenge of each moving challenge. Unlike other physics based games, Moving Out's physics are not pushed as far into the absurd nor do they really affect your character to a point it is even hard to control them. Most physics apply to the items around you. The items you move, doors, windows etc. all affect your game plan. Pushing, lifting and throwing objects are all ways to get to beat the clock and get that gold medal. If this all sounds overwhelming or you want to play with the whole family and someone is not so well adjusted to the controller you can enable assist mode to make things a little easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

As your company grows and earns its reputation, you will unlock more destinations, missions and characters. Be prepared to race through suburbs, farms, haunted houses, and more.  Your objectives will become more challenging with obstacles in the way or the occasional hazard, such as ghosts or the earlier mentioned turtle. But you won't be completely defenseless. You can fend these hazards off with a hearty hand slap. Just be careful not to stun your teammates, or hit them anyway just for fun. Slapstick humor never fails.

Moving out can be played solo or with up to 3 other friends in the same room.  But playing with one or more buddies is really the way to go as it will enable you to get the most fun out of this game. Grab a bunch of controllers and get to work. Just know that you will have to always communicate and it can be a challenge to see eye to eye on how to move out that corner sofa. When your truck is getting full or you are running low on time it might be time to toss that bulky bed. A good grab on each end and a one.. two.. three ..toss will sort that thing out. Things will get loud and you will be tested.. But if you take a moment then the loudest noise you hear is laughter. Never forget it is just a game, working together and communicating well can lead to some innovative solutions and exiting wins.

You are going to have to work together and communicate.
Everything is colorful and silly in Moving Out. From the (written) dialog to the character designs and the towns inhabitants the game makes you grin the whole time and burst into laughter when you encounter one of the many slapstick moments. From the opening title you get control of some wacky characters to play and new characters get unlocked in rapid pace as well as new houses to destroy... I mean pack up.
Not only do you get to select from a variety of characters, from cuddly kittens to a walking toaster head or a cute little squid and more. you can customize their looks from the start. Changing shirt and hair colors, add accessories such as hats, glasses or even a wheelchair and change their emotes and dance moves.

The sound effects are cartoon like and there are plenty to build a full soundscape of fun sounds that is complemented by a fitting soundtrack. With clear and simple menus it is easy to get around in the game to start playing. It is easy to drop in/out with other players or change characters between missions without the need to quit out to the main menu. This is an especially useful feature in a couch co-op.

There is something oddly satisfying in throwing stuff. It is even more satisfying if you can do it with friends and even better if you are rewarded for it. Moving out is a great coop game that hits all those feel good marks and delivers a great cooperative experience.In a way reminded me a bit of the Overcooked games, coincidentally another excellent game series published by Team 17. The capability to play solo and have up to three friends drop in your game and help you out , or potentially just stand in your way, make it for a perfect party game and a perfect game to play with the whole family. The humor is very slapstick and appropriate for the whole family. The game offers great customer customization options and even though it is easy to pickup and play, it also provides plenty of challenges and replayability for those players that want to have every objective completed and really want to push themselves. On the flip side of that, the assist mode is a great addition to ensure that everyone can join in.
Moving out provides a great way to spend time together, have a few laughs, bond and create experiences to remember with a smile on your face. 

Moving out comes to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox one and Steam on April 28th. A free demo is available on all platforms now. Go check it out and see for yourself how much fun moving furniture can be.

Game information:
Title: Moving out
Developer: SMG Studio and DEVM Games
PublisherTeam 17
Release date: April 28th, 2020
Platforms: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch,PlayStation 4,XBOX One.
Version Reviewed: Playstation 4
ESRB: E for Everyone


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