Set Sail for the Purribean with Cat Quest III Demo on PC: Pre-Orders Now Open

Cat Quest 3

Adventure Awaits in the Latest Chapter of the Beloved Cat Quest Series

June 10, 2024 — The wait is over for feline fans and adventurous gamers alike as The Gentlebros and Kepler Interactive proudly announce the release of the playable demo for Cat Quest III on PC. Available for download starting today, this demo invites players to explore the whimsical, cartoon-y world of the Purribean, embarking on a quest to uncover the greatest treasure of all: The North Star.

Download the Demo Here: Steam

Watch the Latest Trailer Here: Cat Quest III Trailer

X marks the spot

A Purr-fect Adventure Awaits

The demo provides an exciting sneak peek into the vibrant open world of Cat Quest III, allowing players to set sail and experience the game's opening areas. Previously available on Nintendo Switch™, this PC demo brings the same delightful experience to a broader audience. Players will meet a host of playful comrades and dastardly villains, as showcased in the recent Character Trailer: Character Trailer.

Get geared up

Gear Up for Adventure

Cat Quest III promises a rich array of weapons, gear, and trinkets to customize your hero. Players can experiment with various combinations to create the ultimate Pi-rat besting powerhouse. For example, the Dragonbone's multi-hit finishing move can be paired with Meowtallika's Pick to unleash a lightning bolt with each final blow. Alternatively, combining the Clawford gear set with the Dratcula gear set allows players to damage nearby enemies while healing their hero with each attack. The possibilities are endless, encouraging players to find their perfect build.

Treasure and enemies in dark dungeons

Launch Date and Pre-Orders

Mark your calendars for August 8, 2024—International Cat Day—as Cat Quest III launches across multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Fans can now pre-order the digital version of the game on all platforms or opt for the physical edition on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 from participating retailers. The physical edition includes a navigation map of the game's explorable world and an exclusive sticker sheet, making it a must-have for collectors.

Pirate adventure awaits

Set Sail Today

Don't miss out on the chance to experience the demo and start your adventure in the Purribean. Download the demo on Steam, watch the latest trailers, and get ready to pre-order Cat Quest III for an unforgettable journey filled with pawesome gear, epic battles, and endless feline fun.

Happy adventuring, and may your quest lead you to the stars!

For more information, visit the official Cat Quest III website: Cat Quest III.


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