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With more than 13 million YouTube users subscribe to the channel Lofi Girl. Created by the French music producer Dimitri, Lofi Girl is a 24/7 livestream of an anime girl studying in her room and listening to lo-fi hip hop. When Lo-fi girl disappeared last year, the collective internet lost their minds on what was happening. Luckily it was short lived, and she actually returned with a friend, and subsequent new channel from the studio offering a synthwave channel. It is clear people look for that relaxing, cozy space to hang, chill, get productive or sink away into beautiful dreamscapes. Enter Sprit City: Lofi Sessions a new way to approach the relaxing vibes of Lo-fi music and merging it with gentle task management and interactive moments.

In a world where stress and distractions seem to rule the day, Spirit City: Lofi Sessions emerges as a tranquil oasis, offering not just a game but a sanctuary for focus and relaxation. Combining the soothing vibes of lo-fi music with gamified productivity tools, this experience transcends the boundaries of traditional gaming to become an essential companion for anyone seeking peace and productivity in their daily lives.

A rainy thunderstorm plus reading in a bay window = bliss

There are a couple ways that you can interact with the Spirit City environment. The core feature and one of its most captivating aspects is the enchanting soundtrack. Soft, melodic lo-fi beats fill the air, creating a serene backdrop to relax to or to cultivate renewed concentration and creativity. Whether you're tackling a daunting task or simply unwinding after a long day, the music sets the perfect mood, transporting you almost immediately to a state of calm.  You can change between different sets of curated music and even drop in to a YouTube session straight from the game if you look for some more variety. In addition to that you can also enhance the experience by adding soothing soundscapes with the click of a button and mix their volumes until they tickle your brain just the right way. You can even just have the soundscapes and turn the music all the way down.

Music, not enough? Add some soothing soundscapes to your environment.

But Spirit City offers more than just auditory bliss. The graphical presentation of your room is just as cozy and warm as the audio portion is. With various areas to sit, relax, or "work" you can move your avatar from spot to spot and activity to activity. Players have the opportunity to customize their entire virtual space, from their character's appearance to the decor of their cozy bedroom. With a plethora of options ranging from fashion choices to room furnishings, every aspect of the game allows for self-expression and personalization.  It's not just about playing the game; it's about creating a space that reflects your unique style and personality and there are a bunch of fun choices to pick from. Some items are locked behind a cost, but by simply interacting with the it, you will unlock plenty of points really easy. nothing about this is supposed to be pressure, or a grind.

And just because my character in this picture is a kinda normal looking dude does not mean the game restricts you to traditional looks or gender norms. You can choose different body types, hairstyles, and amazing colors for different parts of your online persona. 
Want purple skin and horns? Why not!? Try different styles to see what makes you feel happy.

There so many ways to make your avatar look. Want purple skin and horns? Why not!?

What truly sets Spirit City apart from a lo-fi YT channel or similar experiences, however, is its integration of productivity tools seamlessly woven into the experience. From to-do lists to pomodoro timers, habit trackers to journals, the game provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance focus and organization. As you utilize these tools and cultivate good habits, you're rewarded with XP, unlocking even more customization options and incentives to stay productive. In fact, I am actually running Spirit city right now as I am writing this review, either on my second screen or just minimized on the background letting the music and ambience wash over my synapses and keep me focused and in a state of Zen. It is rather energizing as opposed to the daily work anxieties of being a person with an incredible amount of FOMO and executive disfunction.

Moreover, Spirit City dives into its inner Pokémon-master, and introduces adorable spirit companions, adding a delightful element of whimsy to the experience. These charming creatures inhabit the virtual world, waiting to be discovered and collected as you go about your tasks. Their presence not only serves as a source of companionship but also adds a touch of magic to the game. And there is nothing more fun than giving the little cuties a pet or two. My favorite is the Hedgelog. (as some of you know I am a Hedgehog dad, so obviously this is my fav)

Furthermore, Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is designed with streamers in mind, boasting a fully stream-friendly music library that's perfect for co-working streams or background ambiance on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. With its diverse selection of themed playlists and interactive soundscapes, the game offers endless possibilities for creating a captivating streaming experience. It is refreshing to the studio be aware of its audience and the likely desire to stream the audio. Not having to worry about a DMCA strike while doing so is a welcome feature we are happy to see.

The hedgelog is my favorite little buddy

In conclusion, Spirit City: Lofi Sessions more than a game; Instead, it is something new, it is a lifestyle companion, a sanctuary for focus and creativity in an increasingly hectic world and fit for all ages. With its enchanting music, customizable environments, and integrated productivity tools, it provides a holistic approach to enhancing everyday activities or to just relax to. It is an incredible compelling concept with a boatload of appeal for people just looking for a moment of serenity in this hectic world. I showed my wife what Spirit City is all about and she immediately opened steam to find the listing and asked if this could play in the bedroom so she could relax and get some sleep. She also adored the art style and the spirit creatures and found it very appealing. It would be great to have this playing on my smart speakers via a plugin, browser or via mobile phone to take with you wherever you go.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions offers something unique, and whether you're a gamer looking for a new experience or simply someone seeking solace in a busy, angry world, Spirit City invites you to embark on a journey of relaxation, productivity, and self-discovery. Grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage, your favorite cozy sweater, and cozy up in a corner with Spirit City: Lofi Sessions. 

Title:  Spirit City: Lofi Sessions
Publisher: Mooncube games
Developer: Mooncube games
Platform: PC (Steam)
Release Date: April  8, 2024
Price$: 11.99 with a 20% launch discount.

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