Solforge Fusion to Fuse The Analog And Digital Gaming Space.

Long ago, the planet Solis became trapped in an endless ice age. Life on Solis would have ended, save for the existence of a mysterious towe...

Long ago, the planet Solis became trapped in an endless ice age. Life on Solis would have ended, save for the existence of a mysterious tower called the SolForge. At the tower's peak spins an arcane sun that radiates magic into the world; without this magic, survival on Solis would be impossible. Those who survive the pilgrimage are transformed and reborn as legendary champions known as the Forgeborn!  As one of the mighty Forgeborn, your actions will determine the fate of Solis. Protect your faction, duel with the other Forgeborn, and uncover the mysteries of the SolForge!

TCG's are here to stay

It has been 30 years since a little card game called Magic: the Gathering was introduced to the world and it defined a new genre of game, the Tradable Card Game (TCG ) or Collectible Card game (CCG). And now three decades later is still dominates the market closely follows by the three years younger Pokemon card game and Yu-Gi-Oh . The whole genre has done very well and even has pushed itself into the digital realm with versions of Magic, and Pokemon as well as pure digital games as Heartstone which has over 100 million Registered players. Last year we even say Disney drop into the TCG scene with Lorcana which sold outon release and sometime beyond. 

In this clearly thriving market, the one thing that has been missing is a successful attempt to merge the digital with the physical world. How could you take your card into your online game and vice versa. Solforge is a new game the is trying to take on that challenge in more unique ways than one combining the strategic depth of card games with the dynamic interactivity of video games, and it comes with some pedigree behind it from its designers. SolForge fusion

SolForge Fusion is the brainchild of Justin Gary, CEO of StoneBlade Entertainment, and Richard Garfield, the mastermind behind the forementioned granddaddy of all TCG's "Magic: The Gathering". In an exclusive interview with Justin Gary, we delved deeper into the creation and vision behind this innovative fusion which is ready to escape test phase and has its full public release soon. 

Once upon a time, SolForge Fusion Genesis.

Justin Gary's journey into the gaming industry began as a pro Magic player, becoming the 1997 US National Junior Champion at just 17 years old. Many years later it was his collaboration with Richard Garfield that birthed SolForge Fusion, a game designed to encapsulate the best elements of their previous successes. Drawing inspiration from Magic and Ascension, the duo aimed to create a experience where every deck is unique and ready to play, out of the box, thanks to algorithmically generated cards. You buy a starter deck which will have four unique decks. No one else will have the same exact deck in their kit. From those four you will take two decks and shuffle them together and you are ready to play. that is six unique deck combinations right out of each starter box.

SolForge Fusion introduces players to a world where decks are more than just collections of cards; they are gateways to boundless adventures. With lane-based combat and evolving card mechanics, players are invited to engage in a dynamic gameplay experience where strategies evolve over time. Cards will evolve through gameplay and could even get bonuses during special events in the world of SolForge. Each deck comes with a QR code, seamlessly bridging the physical and digital realms. Players that purchase a physical deck can scan their decks into their online accounts, unlocking a myriad of possibilities normally not available to either a physical deck or to a digital collection.  Not only are decks unique and premade, they also can be re-sold to other players after you are done with them, full battle history included. 

Exploring the Digital Frontier

The digital component of SolForge Fusion is where aims to make a big difference. Launching next month, the app offers a plethora of features, including online battles, AI matches, and an algorithmically generated campaign akin to games like Slay the Spire. What's more, every action in the digital realm influences the game's overarching narrative, providing players with a sense of agency and ownership. Central to SolForge Fusion's vision is the creation of a vibrant and inclusive community. Players can participate in tournaments, both online and in-person, shaping the game's evolving narrative through their actions. This allows players to take on more challenging bosses and adventures with increasingly powerful cards. 

The ongoing customization and deck enhancements as it levels up through campaign play and make your already unique deck even more special.  If you are not into storing a bunch of cards there is good news as well. Buying a physical copy is not a requirement to enjoy Solforge. If you prefer to stay footed solid in the digital world, then the game will be able to accommodate you as well with tons of online packs to purchase and combinations to forge. In fact, when you purchase the online game, it comes with a bunch of free decks out of the gate to get you started. But some of us just like opening a fresh deck of cards and explore the beautiful artwork by artists such as Aaron Nakahara and Rod Mendez and hold it in hand and smell the paper it is printed on. 

The one big challenge currently still facing the physical decks however is the evolution part. As cards get played in online events and gain certain powers, they would not (yet) be transferable to the physical world. But with plans to integrate cross-platform play and print-on-demand features, SolForge Fusion aims to break down barriers and unite players across all gaming landscapes. Once you have a deck that has seen many adventures you could imagine its potential to become very valuable and sought after by collectors, much like historical artifacts or sports memorabilia that have been present at major events. (just think of a winning QB Superbowl jersey for instance) Just another way the game looks to provide a modern twist on the genre.

Looking Towards the Future

As SolForge Fusion continues to evolve, Justin Gary envisions a future where the game transcends boundaries, seamlessly integrating into players' lives regardless of their preferred gaming platform online of offline. With ambitions to expand into global tournaments, innovative gameplay modes, and enhanced community engagement features, SolForge Fusion is poised to redefine the intersection of tabletop and digital gaming.

In the world of SolForge Fusion, every deck tells a unique story, and every player holds the power to shape its destiny. With its groundbreaking blend of strategy, innovation, and community-driven gameplay, SolForge Fusion stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of gaming in the digital age. As Justin Gary and Richard Garfield continue to push the boundaries of what gaming can achieve, SolForge Fusion beckons players to embark with them on the journey and explore its seeming infinite possibilities.

Solforge Fusion digital edition will launch into steam early access April 16, 2024. A demo is out now as well.  You can get the physical cards at your local friendly gamestore , the stoneblade website and amazon.

About the writer: DadGeek (Rob) is the co-founder of GeeksVsGeeks. He is a product of the eighties and never let go of his geek interest and hobbies no matter how often someone told him to stop. His love for gaming and all things geeks has been part of his parenting style and permeates throughout the whole family. A family of Geeks vs Geeks 


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