Surefire Games and Yfrit Games Unleash Primateria: A Roguelike Deck Builder TCG on Steam

Hong Kong, China – January 8, 2024 - Today marks a significant milestone in the gaming world as video game publisher Surefire.Games, in coll...

Hong Kong, China – January 8, 2024 - Today marks a significant milestone in the gaming world as video game publisher Surefire.Games, in collaboration with independent development studio Yfrit Games, releases Primateria on Steam. This innovative title combines the thrill of a roguelike adventure with the strategic depth of a deck-building trading card game (TCG).

Primateria challenges players to embark on a journey through a dark and twisted world, where they face card battles using a unique TCG system. Game Designer Matheus Pinheiro from Yfrit Games emphasizes the fusion of traditional genres, stating, "We made a cool single-player game and merged the TCG with the roguelike genre, modernizing the gameplay and creating a completely new loop."

In Primateria, players navigate a map akin to a classic roguelike, engaging in card battles as they progress through each run. The TCG battle system introduces innovative mechanics, such as a fusion system that allows players to play as many cards as they want, with balanced designs and no traditional mana constraints.

Boss battles in Primateria are symmetrical, with both the player and the boss possessing their own decks. The absence of traditional HP adds a layer of strategy, with a damage pile accumulating from battle to battle, providing a unique and dynamic gameplay experience.

The game's art style contrasts its dark setting with a fun and colorful aesthetic, and the music is energetic and inspired by JRPGs and Sonic games, setting it apart from traditional card games.

Primateria redefines deck-building with an infinite fusion system, allowing players to merge cards to create potent tokens, breaking free from the confines of traditional turn-based mechanics. This system draws inspiration from classics like Yu-Gi-Oh!, introducing a distinct and innovative twist.

Strategic decision-making is crucial in Primateria, as players unleash powerful combo attacks through the unique abilities of each card. The game introduces a dual graveyard system, adding complexity to card management and strategic elements to the gameplay. A unique mana pool system tied to the fusion mechanic enhances strategy, powering up special abilities and adding depth to the gameplay. Frontline and backline battle dynamics force players to think critically about card placement and repositioning strategies, enhancing the depth of tactical play.

Set in a beautifully crafted world, Primateria offers a narrative-rich experience as players embody "Polupus" and embark on a journey filled with divine entities and mythical challenges, turning each playthrough into a captivating story.

Primateria boasts features such as a complete story mode with nine unique quests, over 100 cards with endless combos, 43 Steam achievements, 12 pre-built decks, special items, challenging nodes for exploration, an improved Endless Mode, and a gallery system tracking progress. Additionally, a meta-progression system allows players to level up and unlock magical items and cards, promising immense replayability and a dynamic gaming experience. 


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