Atari Brings Back '90s Pinball Classic: Balls of Steel Hits Steam with New Features and Nostalgia

New York, NY (January 30, 2024) -  Atari, the renowned name synonymous with gaming history (and almost the end of the said industry back in ...

New York, NY (January 30, 2024) - Atari, the renowned name synonymous with gaming history (and almost the end of the said industry back in the 80's), has announced the re-release of their iconic 1990s pinball classic, Balls of Steel. Available now on Steam, this revitalized edition promises to transport players back to the golden era of gaming with its electrifying gameplay and stylish updates.

The revamped Balls of Steel doesn't just offer a trip down memory lane; it injects fresh excitement into the mix. Alongside the beloved original pinball tables, players will discover two new creations inspired by Atari classics: Missile Command and Centipede. This fusion of old and new ensures that both seasoned pinball wizards and newcomers alike will find something to love.

For those who fondly remember the '90s gaming scene, Balls of Steel represents more than just a game; it's a cultural icon. Originally debuting at E3 1997, it quickly garnered acclaim for its edge, attitude, and immersive gameplay. Critics of the time hailed it as "the best PC pinball game ever," promising endless nights of entertainment. Of course, since then the crown arguably has been stolen by the Pinball FX games, and it remains to be seen of Atari's classic still holds up compared to its modern cousins.

In Balls of Steel, Players will have a variety of tables to choose from, each offering its own unique theme and challenges. Whether battling alien creatures in the depths of space, embarking on a medieval fantasy quest, or defending against incoming missile attacks, there's something for every taste.

If this announcement has you excited to dive back into the action, then I have good news for you.  Balls of Steel is available now on Steam for Windows PC at an attractive price point of $8.99 USD. With compatibility for keyboard and mouse or gamepad controls, it's never been easier to unleash your inner pinball wizard.

At this price point and with its updated features and timeless charm, Balls of Steel is a testament to the enduring legacy of Atari's gaming prowess. Whether reliving fond memories or discovering the magic for the first time, this re-release promises hours of thrilling entertainment. Leave your quarters in the piggy bank, get your flipper fingers warmed up and get ready to go 'ball-istic' with Balls of Steel on Steam!

Balls of Steel is now available on Steam for Windows PC for $8.99, and is compatible with keyboard and mouse or gamepad controls. Learn more at the official website.


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