My Arcade® Brings Nostalgia to Life: Atari-Licensed Gaming Hardware Now Available on! (December 19, 2023) - Brace yourselves, retro gaming enthusiasts!  Hot on the heels of the Atari 2600+ release ,  Atari, announced... (December 19, 2023) - Brace yourselves, retro gaming enthusiasts!  Hot on the heels of the Atari 2600+ release , Atari, announced their collaboration with My Arcade® and presented a brand new  Atari-licensed collection of gaming hardware, including the highly anticipated Gamestation Pro console, now ready for delivery within the U.S. Exclusively featured on, this collection promises to transport gamers back in time to the golden age of Atari.

The Gamestation Pro: A Retro Gaming Haven

At the forefront of this exciting release is the plug-and-play wonder, the Atari Gamestation Pro, priced at $99.99 USD. Boasting more than 200 officially-licensed Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Arcade, and bonus titles, this console is a treasure trove for fans of classic gaming. The package includes two 2.4GHz wireless joysticks, inspired by the iconic originals, complete with integrated paddles for an authentic experience in paddle games like Breakout® or Warlords®.

The Gamestation Pro offers plug-and-play simplicity and wireless connectivity, making it a breeze to dive into retro arcade games on your TV. The intuitive user interface allows gamers to search for titles effortlessly, while detailed game overview pages provide insights and gameplay tips. With in-game save options, players can now save their progress and revisit their favourite classics with ease.

Miniature Marvels for Every Gamer

For arcade enthusiasts seeking a more compact experience, My Arcade introduces the Atari 50 Micro Player Pro and Atari 50 Nano Player Pro, priced at $39.99 USD and $29.99 USD, respectively. These tabletop miniature arcade machines come preloaded with Atari titles and bonus games, offering a total of 100 on the Micro Player Pro and 75 on the Nano Player Pro. They serve as the ideal additions to any retro gaming collection.

On the go? Fear not! The Atari 50 Pocket Player Pro, priced at $39.99 USD, is a stylish handheld featuring a 2.75-inch full-color screen and 100 built-in Atari titles and bonus games. It's the perfect companion for gaming enthusiasts who want to carry the Atari experience wherever they go.

Ethan Zoubek, President at Atari, expressed excitement about the response from the fanbase: "Our fanbase has responded strongly to the Atari-themed family of gaming devices from My Arcade, and now they can find all of these amazing devices at"

My Arcade, operating under a license with Atari, has garnered acclaim in the retro gaming space by creating a line of miniature retro arcade devices, Plug ‘N Play consoles, and portable gaming handhelds. For more information, visit

If you still wanted to revisit those old classics, but were not to keen to collect those cartridges again as needed with the 2600+ then maybe these options offer a solution for that retro nostalgia draw.

Get ready to relive the magic of Atari's classic titles with these revival gaming devices, available now at!


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