Indie Heroes Collection 3 Unveils Exciting Lineup for February 2024 Release

Get ready for an indie gaming extravaganza as Indie Heroes Collection 3 is set to hit shelves in February 2024! Packed with 13 unique titles...

Get ready for an indie gaming extravaganza as Indie Heroes Collection 3 is set to hit shelves in February 2024! Packed with 13 unique titles, including all 9 games from the 2023 Game of the Month program, this collection promises a diverse gaming experience for fans of modern-retro indie games.

Full Game List Revealed: A Blend of Classic and Modern Titles

The collection boasts a variety of genres, from platformers and puzzles to adventure and action games. Players can dive into classics like the arcade-style hit Donut Dodo, navigate through challenging levels in Thunder Paw, and test their puzzle-solving skills with titles like Big2Small, Bone Marrow, and Chew Chew Mimic.

Playable on Evercade and Super Pocket Systems

Indie Heroes Collection 3 ensures a seamless gaming experience by being fully playable on both Evercade and Super Pocket systems. The physical copy comes in a case with a vibrant full-color manual, adding a touch of nostalgia for gaming enthusiasts.

Pre-Order Available from December 15th, 2023

Excitement builds as gamers can secure their copy of Indie Heroes Collection 3 by pre-ordering starting December 15th, 2023. Don't miss the chance to be among the first to experience this gaming treasure trove. Indie Heroes Collection 3 is not the only gem hitting the shelves in February 2024. It will be released alongside THEC64 Collection 3, offering gamers a double dose of retro-inspired joy.

Indie Heroes Collection 3 Game Lineup Highlights:

Donut Dodo

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1' arcade homage promises endless hours of high-score chasing in this native Evercade port.

Thunder Paw

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1

Join the heavily armed pupper Thunder on an epic quest to rescue his parents through challenging levels filled with secrets.


Genre: Puzzle

Players: 1

Guide Elle the Elephant, Gisele the Goat, and Melanie the Mouse to their favorite foods in this colorful and challenging puzzler.

Magic and Legend: Time Knights

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1

Ordinary kids thrust into extraordinary circumstances, use various weapons to take on an alien threat across different timelines.

Doodle World Redrawn

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1

The enhanced version of the homebrew hit Doodle World features a tricky platforming quest with a new double jump ability.

The Little Tales of Alexandria

Genre: Adventure

Players: 1

Explore your new apartment complex and get to know your neighbors in this story-based adventure game.

These are but a few great games in the collection you can expect a lot more including Alien Cat 2, Bubble Seahorse Adventures, Orebody: Binder's Tale, Skate Cat, Bone Marrow, Chibi Monster Br4wl, and Chew Chew Mimic!

Get ready to embrace the nostalgia and excitement as Indie Heroes Collection 3 hits the shelves in February 2024!


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