Alien Hominid invasion and Alien Hominid HD double aliens what can it mean?

Oh, what a sigh it was to behold to see the glory of Newground flash game library in the early days of internet user generated content. We a...

Oh, what a sigh it was to behold to see the glory of Newground flash game library in the early days of internet user generated content. We are talking mid-nineties here a good decade before YouTube's first movies saw the light of day and memes were just starting to take their first steps into the public zeitgeist.  What started as a Neo Geo fan site, had quickly grown into a macro media flash (rip) wonderland. 

With hundreds if not thousands of homebrew games, funny movies and more. By the time we hit the early 2000's it gave birth to a flash game about a little alien that crash landed on earth and has to take on cruel government goons who might have been a tad too overzealous in taking out any alien threat. It was a smash cult hit with its simple gameplay and insanely cute graphics. And by 2006 this game by the Behemoth was the first Newgrounds flash game to get a full console release as Alien Hominid HD. It paved the way for the studio to create more games including the equally (at least) popular game Castle Crashers. This year the studio is bringing back that first game as well as a brand-new release Alien Hominid: Invasion. And in this review, we cover both of them as they release on the same day and you can buy them as a bundle, at least if you want to.

Return of the OG

Welcome back to the thrilling world of Alien Hominid HD, a timeless 2D side-scrolling adventure that has been resurrected by The Behemoth! Immerse yourself in a nostalgic journey through pixelated realms, featuring captivating hand-drawn graphics, lightning-fast gameplay, and the signature humor that made this title a classic. 

Booting up this game feels like traveling back in time to experiencing the same hardcore gaming excitement from back in the day, now enhanced with visually stunning improvements.  Of course, in our nostalgic minds the game always looked that way, but believe me, the jump from SD to HD is still quite remarkable and the upgrade really brings the art too life. 

After an exclusive release on Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 in 2007, it remained a cherished gem for avid gamers. Now, with its re-release, this beloved game ensures it stays relevant on modern platforms, preserving its status as the ultimate one-hit wonder for generations of gamers yet to come.

In this captivating side-scrolling shooter that channels the spirit of classic games like Metal Slug, Contra, and Gunstar Heroes, you assume the role of a lovable alien protagonist, Crash-landed on Earth, setting off a frenzied pursuit by earthling authorities. When the FBI seizes your wrecked ship, your mission becomes clear: retrieve it at any cost. Armed with a powerful blaster, you'll mow down countless agents, facing off against a diverse array of foes including evil communists of the KGB and menacing robots. you are tasked to master the art of survival as you navigate diverse environments, employing skills like jumping, dodging attacks, grabbing agents, and even digging underground to outwit your foes. But be careful anything not easy mode spells doom with every hit. Hardcore is not for soft gamer souls out there. You better bring your A game.

Whether you prefer solo adventures or 2-player local co-op, the game offers three classic difficulty options: Easy, Normal, and INSANE, each providing a unique challenge. And when you need a break from intense alien action, dive into the original mini-games, including 201 levels of PDA Games, Super Soviet Missile Master, All You Can Eat, Neutron Ball, Piñata Fiesta, and Challenge Mode.

Now with added Steam achievements and competitive leaderboards, Alien Hominid HD invites you to rediscover the thrill of gaming’s golden era, all while testing your memory and reflexes against those tricky boss patterns. Get ready for an intergalactic gaming experience like no other.

You'll never walk (and rule the world) alone!

Prepare for an intergalactic invasion like never before in Alien Hominid Invasion, a chaotic co-op run 'n' gun adventure that promises explosive action and mayhem. Join forces with up to three friends as you unleash havoc on Earth, armed with an array of weapons and boosts that can be unlocked and equipped. Dive into the heart of enemy territory, abduct vital intel, disrupt their sinister plans, and confront the not-so-secret Agents determined to thwart your extraterrestrial escapades. In this thrilling sequel, the alien protagonist boasts a health bar, allowing for a more accessible gameplay experience, compared to the previous title's unforgiving one-shot kill mechanic. Customize your alien avatar with earned loot, altering its head, pigment, and weaponry for a truly unique invasion experience. Embrace the chaos in couch or online co-op mode, accommodating up to four players and offering the flexibility to choose your preferred difficulty level, ensuring both newcomers and seasoned fans can enjoy the invasion together.

The wish to preserve history

The saga of Alien Hominid Invasion begins with the slow disappearance of access to the original Alien Hominid from home consoles as new generations have taken over. This fueled the desire to bring the iconic alien character into the modern gaming landscape. Originally conceived as a project to update Alien Hominid HD, Dan Paladin the art director put his creative force at work and asked the question " what if we made Alien Hominid, today. With all the things we know and learned over the past 20 years?" What followed was the team at Behemoth rethinking every feature in the game and rebuild it from the ground up. As a result, if became quickly apparent that the game had evolved into a brand-new adventure, incorporating contemporary gameplay mechanics and features that showcase the team's growth since the original release of Alien Hominid HD. 

In this sequel you learn in the opening sequence that when the FBI shot down that first UAP/UFO back in the day an alarm went off back at the home planet of that cure little alien. They took immediate action and 20 (light) years later they made it to earth to take their revenge and invade earth. 

Among the first notable changes, players will now explore a non-linear level experience, allowing you to dictate your invasion path, and conquer randomly assembled neighborhoods crafted from hundreds of intricately designed city blocks. 

Movement has always been a big part of the AH games and this new release is no different. You will be pushed to master the art of alien movement, discovering techniques like flipping, diving, digging, flying, and tossing enemies to gain an edge over the relentless Agents. Unravel the mystery behind the original alien's fate, the origins of the enigmatic Agents, and the intense pursuit of your extraterrestrial kind. 

The core gameplay, characterized by its heart-pounding run-and-gun mechanics, remains intact, capturing the essence of the original title while introducing exciting enhancements. One of the most significant changes is the nixing of the one-hit death mechanic in favor of a health bar and lives system. This switch provides a more forgiving experience, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the chaotic mayhem without the constant threat of instant defeat. Additionally, they threw in a bit of roguelike by adding two modes (on top of 3 difficulties) one is names Permakeep, where if you die you keep everything you unlocked and your inventory as you start over, allowing you to potentially do better next time. In mastery things are a bit more punishing a when you die, you still retain your progression and your access to the weapons, but you lose all your inventory.

The levels themselves are also loaded with multiple obstacles and objective and exploration is encouraged to discover new boss fights, goals and upgrades. By doing so you might at times push your luck a little so be careful. Players can experiment with an array of weapons and mutations, enhancing their abilities and adapting to the ever-escalating chaos. The game's unhinged and frenetic nature is further amplified by the constant barrage of projectiles and explosions that fill the screen.

In a gaming landscape where local co-op experiences have become increasingly rare, Alien Hominid Invasion stands out by embracing both online and couch co-op gameplay.  What is unique is that you can mix and match game modes in multiplayer where one person is playing for keepsies where the other is challenging themselves. A great way to play with the kids or any other person that might not be skilled or willing enough to go for the toughest challenge but who still want to play together. The inclusion of well thought out coop, ensures that the thrill of playing with friends locally is not forgotten, harking back to the golden days of cooperative gaming. But this time you can play local OR with friends online and there is up to 4 player support, maximizing the on-screen chaos in the game.

With its updated mechanics, captivating visuals, cool and fun unlockable costumes and the promise of endless mayhem with friends, Alien Hominid Invasion stands as a stellar reimagining of the original game, delivering a compelling blend of nostalgia and innovation for both longtime fans and newcomers alike. Get ready to embark on a chaotic adventure like never before, where teamwork and tenacity are key to surviving the extraterrestrial onslaught!

GameAlien Hominid HD
PublisherThe Behemoth
DeveloperThe Behemoth
Release Date: November 1st, 2023 
Platforms: Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and STEAM (PC) 
Review Platform: PC (Steam)
ESRBT(Teen) for Blood and Gore, Cartoon violence.

Price:    Alien Hominid Invasion - $19.99
              Alien Hominid HD - $11.99
              Alien Hominid: The Extra Terrestrial Bundle - $24.99

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