Puzzle platformer "Ary and the Secret of Seasons" to be released this summer all major systems.

Indie publisher Modus Games and developer eXiin today announced a release date for "Ary and the Secret of Seasons", the upcoming a...

Indie publisher Modus Games and developer eXiin today announced a release date for "Ary and the Secret of Seasons", the upcoming action adventure following a young girl’s courageous journey to mend her world’s disrupted seasons. The game will release this summer on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam. 

 In "Ary and the Secret of Seasons",  Ary accepts a calling her father is unable to answer. She embarks on an adventure within the land of Valdi in order to resolve a sudden disparity between the once perfectly balanced seasons. Ary’s power of conjuring biospheres with a different seasons within can change the landscape in an instant and be used to unlock new pathways to the truth.  With a sense of limitless discovery throughout the heroine’s engrossing story, you unlock many more powers which prove invaluable in her quest, allowing her to uncover secrets, slip aside once-impassable obstacles, and gain crucial advantages in battle. 

A new trailer  shows new gameplay including footage of the protagonist Aryelle’s incredible ability to influence her surroundings by conjuring miniature seasonal biomes of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. 

The game will have many key features such as:

  • Rewarding exploration. Harnessing the power of the seasons, Ary can traverse sweeping landscapes in search of new destinations, solving amazing environmental puzzles to progress.
  • Captivating storytelling. Ary is recruited to help the Guardians of Seasons, an old organization caught up by rigid traditions. As she ventures through uncharted locations across Valdi, Ary will discover secrets and hidden meanings behind the Guardian of Seasons.
  • Dynamic environments. Manipulate the world around Ary with her environmental powers. Leap between ecosystems to bend the world and seasons to her needs.
  • Fluid combat. Ary’s skills will be put to the test as she encounters foes looking to thwart her progress – from local inhabitants to hulking behemoths, she will use all the tools at her disposal to overcome monumental obstacles.
  • Alluring 3D world. A beautiful visual style combined with an enchanting soundtrack creates a lingering atmosphere that will surely become a memorable gameplay experience.

The gameplay we have seen at Gamescom last year was already promising and it is good to see the progress that is made since. Ary is shaping up to become a fun family friendly title with a lot to offer once it releases this summer.

For the latest on "Ary and the Secret of Seasons", visit https://ary-game.com/. For more on Modus Games’ diverse line-up of indie titles, check out https://modusgames.com/

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