Arcade 1UP and CES start of 2020 with a bang.

Happy New Year everyone.     W ith the holidays behind us and everyone getting ready for the winter grind it seems that Arcade 1up has big p...

Happy New Year everyone. 

 With the holidays behind us and everyone getting ready for the winter grind it seems that Arcade 1up has big plans to keep reaching into your wallet and make your wish-list grow.
At this years CES ( Consumer Electronics Show) they blew all the stops and vastly expanded their product catalog. 

They started of with the announcement of the often requested Burger Time cabinet. It will feature 4 games in 1: BurgerTime, Karate Champ, Bad Dudes, Caveman Ninja, for  $399 with riser and light up marque.  Pre-orders are open now on their website. Only 3000 special editions  will be made and be numbered.So they are bit of an exclusive. The first 1000 orders placed before January 31st will make it by to your house by March 31st guaranteed.

The next big news is their move into virtual Pinball machines.Working Zen studios they will bring a 3/4 quarter sized pinball machine. The inner workins will be replace by a screen and will feature flipper buttons with haptic feedback making the experience close to the real thing. They even are looking in the possibility to add accelerometer sensors for tilting experiences and moving the ball with a bumb of the cabinet. The proto type looks well sized, had a great chrome trim and looks solid. It is a beautiful machine. So far they showed two licensed pinball machines, one Attack from mars and one Star Wars. Each will feature around 10 pinball games so that will bring plenty of variety. the expected price will be somewhere within  $450-$650. That is no chump change but still a fraction of a full sized pinball machine.. 

Not ready to stop here Arcade 1up also has a variety of 4 player cabinets coming including NBA Jam and Golden Axe ( one of my personal favorites). Other new options include new versions of some of the original wave one cabinets, a 40th edition PacMan , Frogger and a sit down version of the StarWars arcade.

Golden Axe, always play the Dwarf!

But the creative minds at Arcade 1up also seem to be aware that they need to expand their market more to those with a smaller budget or perhaps smaller houses. They plan to expand with a series of smaller , and cheaper, Wallcades ( price TBD), pricing renewed and improved countercades at $99, and move into the area of those controllers with built in games, with the difference being that they will feature the real arcade roms. 

New and Improved Countercade at an improved price point

If you are looking for a fun party game at your next birthday celebration, they also bring a giant arcade stick to the marker. One looks like pacman and the other the original Atari joystick. Each will hold 10-20 games and have a wireless HDMI adapter to engage your guest without trip hazards.

And what I thought was really special and I cant wait to try them out were the micro machine. Forget the new mini, these tiny consoles look like they could fit in a doll house, they really work and even feature mini TV's and controllers. 

It is clear that choice is a big part of what they want to bring to their customers, but will be hard if you need to make choices instead of just getting them all.  

We can't wait to see these on store shelves soon. And if you have been able to get some hands on , please share your experience in the comments. 

Until then please check out the full video by COOLTOY and give them a like and a sub!
It is thanks to their reporting we all get to see so much of the exciting things that Arcade 1up is bringing.

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