Bookbound Brigade preview; There is no I in team but there is in Brigade!

Cologne Germany. Gamescom 2019 might be over, but in the next few days and weeks we still have a lot to share with you about what we saw. On...

Cologne Germany.

Gamescom 2019 might be over, but in the next few days and weeks we still have a lot to share with you about what we saw. One of the those games is Bookbound Brigade from the Italian Developer DigitalTales and Published by Intragames.  After a series of mobile games DigitalTales is getting ready to bring their new title to consoles and Steam.

The premise of Bookbound Brigade revolves around the question “What would happen if all the protagonists of the worlds books lost their memory?” Imagine your favorite heroes and villains both historical or fictional on the loose, trying to find their way back home. In the game a magical book named the Book of Books (B.O.B) goes missing from the Hall of Libraries. As a player you take control of a small brigade of real and fictional heroes throughout 5 non linear themed worlds all bound by the library hub world.
The Library hub world is full of things to discover.

In the beginning your team will not be complete, but soon you will have your eight heroes together and the game will open up with new skills and abilities as you take control of Dracula, King Arthur, Queen Victoria, Nikola Tesla, Cassandra, Dorothy from Oz, The Monkey King and Robin Hood. Bookbound Brigade is a 2D side-scrolling platform-adventure in the tradition of the Metroid-vania genre and you will not only need good hand eye coordination but also use your cerebral skills to solve puzzles throughout the game. The twist on the genre is that you control all 8 characters at the same time. Together you can create 4 different formations that are needed to survive the various challenges that you will encounter. 
The brigade can make 4 different formations.

Skill trees can be unlocked for each individual character.
Each individual character also comes with a small skill tree that you can unlock over time by using a collectable currency. The skills and formations are based on the various qualities of the heroes in the brigade which are based on origins. For instance Dracula can turn into a bat, which allows the team to fly for a short distance.  Queen Victoria has a stack formation that allows you to land on smaller platforms, and lift smaller enemies into the air to smash them into larger bosses.  The formations and skills can be used on the fly and it is up to the player to decide which ones are the best to use to solve the puzzle. According to the development team there are multiple ways to solve the problems and they want to give players the freedom to do so.
The game brings a unique and colorful style that draws inspiration from classic book illustrations and brings them to life on the screen. With over 41 enemy types across 5 worlds, the game is not lacking in variation either.  The dialog was written by industry veteran Dean Wilkinson (Little Big Planet, Southpark, Buzz ,etc.)providing this game with an abundance of tongue in cheek dialog between the various heroes and NPC. During our play through we encountered Joan of Arc, who was not too happy with the “You are on fire” pun from one of the brigade heroes.

Though using classic literature, the game is surely not a lesson in the classics, but if you read a few books or know your history you will probably get a good chuckle out of the references thrown throughout the story.

Check out some show floor footage and the official trailer below.
Bookbound Brigade is set to be released Q4 2019 for a price of $19.99 on PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).


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