Four family friendly food themed games that will grow your appetite for more.

Tomorrow, April 28 th is International Table top day, a day to celebrate board and card games by sharing them with your friends, family, co...

Tomorrow, April 28th is International Table top day, a day to celebrate board and card games by sharing them with your friends, family, co-workers and perhaps even strangers across the world.  In a day of table top gaming where you quite possibly bring in newbies and younger children to the game table it can pay off to reduce the intimidation factor of rule books and complicated game setups. So it helps to have a menu of games available that are easy to digest for old and young, experienced and new players alike. For about $10 or less each, the following food themed games are a great way to break the ice and make your fellow players hungry for more… Or maybe just hungry.


We start our menu with a nice freshly made sandwich appetizer, you prefer a BLT, all veggie or perhaps hotdogs? Either way do not be picky and be ready to grab as many sandwiches as you can as soon as they are finished. In this fast paced action card game each player gets a stack of cards face down and you place on face up in the middle of the table in turn. Each card will have an image on it depicting a delicious slice of bread with something on it such as bacon, lettuce or hotdogs etc. When the next card up creates either a double decker (two of a kind) or a Slamwich (meaning two of a kind with something else in the middle) Then player try to be the first to slap their hand on the pile. The first one to do so gets to take the pile and add it unshuffled to the bottom of their deck. For extra fun make them yell SLAMWICH!!While doing so. You might also encounter special card such a thieves and munchers, both card designed to take the pile without needing a proper sandwich.
If you run out of cards you are out of the game, keep playing until only one player is left as the winner.  The game can run a little long at times so you can set a time limit, or create some house rules. We like making super sandwiches where you get can get a SLAMWICH! even if there are multiple items between two similar cards. For instance lettuce, tomato, egg, bacon, lettuce SLAMWICH!
It is a fun little game that can get a little chaotic when everyone is getting excited so be careful with those fingers.

Game by GameWright
Ages 6+ / 2-6 Players 
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For our main course, SUSHI. Try to collect these cute sushi pieces from an increasingly smaller selection and try to score the most points. You are going to need something to keep score with this one. So a phone or notepad and pen will come in handy.
The short play rounds and cute artwork make SUSHI GO! a great game to play almost anywhere even as you wait for your meal to arrive at a restaurant. The game takes place over three rounds. Each player starts with a number of cards in their hands. They look at their cards and pick the one they like to keep and pass on the pile to their left. Once everyone has chosen and received the pile the card is revealed. You repeat this process until all cards are gone. Then you tally up you points, keep any pudding cards but return the remaining card, reshuffle and hand out all the card and play the next round. You will notice not all card are equal, some require more of one kind to get points, and others such as wasabi can triple the value of a nigari, so some tactical thinking and luck is involved.  After the last round you also count all the pudding people have, the player with the most pudding cards scores 6 extra points and the one with the fewest loses 6 points. After all scores are totalled the winner is determined.

Game by GameWright
Ages 8+ /2-5 players

Fruit Ninja

For our next course we offer some fresh fruit. Remember when the fruit ninja app was all the craze? They even created a gigantic version of the game at Dave & Busters.Well there is also a quick play push your luck card game by the same name. The object of Fruit Ninja the card game is to be the first player to collect 1 of each kind of fruit or 25 total fruits of any kind. The Game comes with 103 different cards. Shuffle the deck and a player cuts the deck in half and move the top half over without looking at the bottom. You now have a decision. Take the card at the bottom of the top half or the top card of the bottom half. If the card is a fruit you keep it, is it a bomb you lose your turn. You can collect as long as you can and stop when you wish. If you stop before you draw a bomb you keep those cards for the rest of the game. If you get a bomb before the end of the turn you lose all cards you had not collected yet (that turn) but keep the previous one. Cards have different colours indicating the chance of bombs. Green there are not so much, yellow a bit more and with Red there is a large chance of a bomb. There are also a few bonus card that give you special abilities, such as stealing a card form another player or allow you to ignore bombs. Use them wisely.

Game by Mattell
Ages 5+ / 2 or more players.

Go Nuts for Donuts

And for desert it is time for some pastry goodness with GoNuts for Donuts! In this game you
try to snatch up donuts as they come rolling out fresh out of the bakery before anyone else can get their grubby little mitts on them. Gonuts for Donuts is in a lot of way similar to Sushi go, including the cute artwork that brings silly faces to the different donut pastries. But unlike Sushi Go! Where you make decks go around, in this game you silently bid on a donut you want from a number of them displayed out on the table. Some donuts are worth a number of points, other, with a star, offer abilities when you get them. Each player picks a number in secret and reveals their choice simultaneous. If two or more players have the same number then neither of them gets the donut. For those left the donuts get divided from lowest to heights number and any effect take place in turn as well. 
What each power does is sometimes a little confusing from the card, but the instructions booklet has great descriptions with what each card does. At times you need to combine them with other cards for best effect or to negate other effects. These attributes could affect you or you can play them on another player as well.As a result, even though you might initially just go for points where possible, but once you start seeing what someone is going for you might purposely try to block them from getting a certain donut at the cost of not getting one yourself off course. It becomes a battle of wits and will.Once there are not enough card left to fill all donut slots the game stops and the totals are tallied and any bonuses applied. The player with the highest total is the winner, in case of a tie the most cards wins. Want some real fun? Play this game with real donuts!

Game by GameWright
Ages 8+/2-6 Players

And that is the end of our gaming menu. Did we leave you full or hungry for more? Leave a comment below and happy Table Top Day !!


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