Microsoft's new console aims to raise the bar.

With E3 still being two months away, Microsoft lifted the veil of their Scorpio project today and showed off it's tech and some of...

With E3 still being two months away, Microsoft lifted the veil of their Scorpio project today and showed off it's tech and some of the goals they are setting to achieve with their latest console iteration.

It was Richard LeadBetter from  Eurogamers, Digital Foundry  who was privileged to see the hardware up close and experience first hand what has been achieved so far. For a full technical analysis I highly recommend you checkout their article and video.

The heart of "Scorpio"

One of the the biggest steps seems to have been to be sure the new console is fully compatible with the xbox one library including the xbox 360 games that are playable/available on the xbox one, much in the way that Sony has the PS4 pro deliver upgraded performance for PS4 games.

And it seems that they are achieving their goal and will be able to offer upgraded performance on any game with incredible results. And a big difference in their approach, as for now , seems to be that every game will be able to receive performance in a more direct way then what has happened with Sony were older games needed to receive a patch to really benefit from the extra available power, and in some cases performance was even worse.Microsoft seems to want to do better and first impressions read that they will be able to deliver.

Forza 6, Microsofts flagship race game will look even better on it's next console

With a new custom Jaguar processor, upgraded GPU with, DirectX 12 baked in, and 12 GB of DDR ram on board this console looks to be delivering content levels so far only reserved for the PC elite's of this world, but with the advantage of set hardware across the platform making it easier to deliver optimized games without the need of addressing multiple configurations as often happens with PC's

So far we do not really know what the actual performance will be , but since Microsoft was willing to let Digital Foundry into their backyard, they certainly seem confident they will deliver.

With the PS4 pro and now the Scorpio on it's way it sure seems that console's are no longer looking at a 4-6 complete revamp where everything has to be bought again and your games won't work any longer. Instead it seems we are entering a new era where we get more regular gradual upgrades to each system allowing you more choice in when when to upgrade without feeling you are wasting money. We will see if this trend will continue or even evolve in due time . Until then we are looking forward to an awesome E3 this year.

Microsoft's new console is expected Q4 of this year.



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