Evercade Unveils New Hardware Refresh and Iconic Tomb Raider Trilogy Megacart

  In a recent announcement, Blaze Entertainment, the mastermind behind Evercade's retro gaming consoles and physical cartridge ecosystem...


In a recent announcement, Blaze Entertainment, the mastermind behind Evercade's retro gaming consoles and physical cartridge ecosystem, has revealed an exciting lineup refresh set to invigorate the gaming community. From revamped hardware to a groundbreaking partnership with Crystal Dynamics, the creators of the iconic Tomb Raider franchise, Evercade enthusiasts have much to anticipate.

Evercade -R Range: A (re) Fresh Look at Retro Gaming

Blaze Entertainment kicks off the excitement with the Evercade -R range, promising a more accessible entry point into the Evercade universe at a price point under £100/$100. The Evercade VS-R and Evercade EXP-R, the newest iterations of Evercade's acclaimed retro gaming hardware line, boast sleek new designs and enhanced features, welcoming both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike.

The Evercade VS-R receives a visual overhaul with its charcoal grey body and vibrant turquoise accents, exuding a fresh and modern appeal. Equipped with a dual cartridge slot, four USB ports for local multiplayer, and HDMI output supporting 1080p resolution, the Evercade VS-R ensures an immersive gaming experience on your television or monitor. Additionally, the console firmware introduces TATE screen rotation, catering to enthusiasts of vertical games, while WiFi connectivity facilitates effortless firmware updates.

Meanwhile, the Evercade EXP-R focuses on handheld gaming, featuring a compact design with textured grips for comfortable extended play sessions. With WiFi capabilities for seamless updates and TATE screen rotation support, the Evercade EXP-R promises an unparalleled on-the-go gaming experience. Both consoles come bundled with a Giga Cart featuring exciting titles, set to be announced later this month.

Tomb Raider Trilogy Megacart: A Nostalgic Adventure Awaits

In an unprecedented collaboration with Crystal Dynamics, Evercade unveils the Tomb Raider Collection 1, marking the franchise's debut on the Evercade platform. This megacart transports players back to the 32-bit era with classic titles including the original Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II, and Tomb Raider III. Experience Lara Croft's legendary adventures in their entirety, complete with exotic locales, intricate puzzles, and exhilarating platforming, faithfully preserved on a single physical cartridge.

True to Evercade's commitment to quality, each Tomb Raider Collection 1 cartridge comes encased in a plastic clamshell case with a full-color manual, offering an authentic retro gaming experience. Compatible with all Evercade systems, including handheld and home consoles, this megacart ensures that players can enjoy Lara's exploits wherever they go.

Blaze Entertainment CEO, Andrew Byatt, expressed excitement over the partnership with Crystal Dynamics, citing it as a significant milestone for Evercade. Dallas Dickinson, Franchise General Manager at Crystal Dynamics, echoed Byatt's sentiments, underscoring the thrill of bringing classic Tomb Raider games to a new generation of gamers through the Evercade platform.

With the Evercade -R range's enhanced accessibility and the introduction of the Tomb Raider Trilogy Megacart, Blaze Entertainment reaffirms its dedication to delivering unparalleled retro gaming experiences. As the Evercade ecosystem continues to expand, fueled by innovative hardware and iconic partnerships, the future of retro gaming has never looked brighter.

Stay tuned for further updates as Evercade continues to pave their own road of retro gaming, bringing timeless classics and modern gems to gaming enthusiasts worldwide.



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