HyperMegaTech Super Pocket: A Compact Retro Arcade Powerhouse On the Go

It seems like pocket handhelds, especially those for retro games are everywhere these days, social media is loaded with people peddling all ...

It seems like pocket handhelds, especially those for retro games are everywhere these days, social media is loaded with people peddling all in one rom devices everywhere you look. Nintendo Switch has the mobile gaming concole market in its grip with thousands of games and even its very own retro store with a select retro library.  In this ever-expanding world of portable gaming, the HyperMegaTech Super Pocket takes a different approach, hoping its price, actual licensed game titles and compatibility with Evercade cartridges puts it in a place to be a contender. Offering an affordable and stylish solution for retro gaming enthusiasts, Blaze Entertainment's latest creation, the Super Pocket, promises an authentic arcade experience in a pocket-sized device, and now we have had our hands-on experience, it seems that this little powerhouse indeed delivers a fun authentic experience. 

Design and Build Quality:

The Super Pocket's design is both eye-catching and nostalgic. Coming in two distinct versions - Capcom and TAITO editions - the handheld boasts a compact form factor, reminiscent of the Game Boy Classic but even smaller and lighter. The unique color schemes for each edition, inspired by the respective gaming giants, add a touch of retro charm. The Super Pocket Limited Edition Bundle, with its translucent shell, evokes memories of the classic Game Boy Advance translucent releases back in the day.

It does justice to the name "pocket" as it is indeed easy to stick in your pockets on the go and quickly pop it out to get a few rounds of streetfighter or puzzle-bobble in. The small size might cause some cramped hands if your hands are bigger after long sessions of gaming but overall, the device feels comfortable and a good fit for small game bursts on the go.

Despite its small size, the Super Pocket impresses with robust build quality. The tough and sturdy colorful plastic shell houses a responsive D-pad, reminiscent of the Game Boy, and satisfyingly clicky A, B, X, and Y face buttons. Notably, there's no noticeable wobble, addressing a common concern in handheld devices and allowing for tight controls while playing. This also goes for the easily accessible triggers on the back that allow for games with more complex controls, needing more buttons.

Display and Audio:

The Super Pocket features a bright 2.8” IPS screen, where the quality is surprising given its small size.  While smaller than some competitors, the screen's sharp and vibrant display ensures an enjoyable gaming experience. The option to choose between pixel-perfect aspect ratio and fullscreen mode caters to different visual preferences, and the inclusion of scanline effects enhances the retro feel.

The forward-facing speaker delivers a commendable performance, offering a clear rendition of the game audio which it can get surprisingly loud. If you do not want to annoy the rest of your family you can also plug in a headset, but it has to be one with the traditional audio jack as the absence of Bluetooth connectivity will prevent you from using modern wireless headphones/earpods. This may be disappointing for some, but it seems that the main goal was to keep cost low, while keeping quality as high as possible. 

Features and Functionality:

The Super Pocket's standout feature is its compatibility with Evercade cartridges, providing access to a vast library of over 500 games. The inclusion of a cartridge slot, a nod to the Game Boy era, sets it apart in a market saturated with all-in-one solutions. Additionally, it provides the comforting feeling of buying a physical game you can put on the shelf, with a manual to browse through and overall admire, while also knowing that each game has been vetted and officially licensed. You also get access to some great new indie titles from Evercade some of which as exclusive to the Evercade family of consoles. The cartridge fits snuggly into the back of the supper pocket and lines up nicely with the handheld, not having any odd parts sticking out. If you are not using a cartridge the Super Pocket had a enclosure for the game slot, to keep dirt out and to keep the design and feel of the back smooth.

Switching between built-in games and Evercade cartridges is seamless, thanks to a user-friendly interface.

The handheld offers an 'Easy mode' for its game allowing you to tone down the hardcore demands of those classic games and focus a bit more of the fun and less of the sweat. And the ability to save and load states for each game you can really push further in the game and practice your skills. All these features ad quality of life improvements for those that just might not have the time or reflexes anymore to spend hours honing their skill, but still want to have fun. For those purists that do not get excited by all these twists to the retro experience it is easy to turn all that off and the only thing missing is your limited number of quarters in your pocket.  As with everything new and different is it is a choice, while purists may scoff at the former, it provides accessibility and a less punishing environment for more casual players. The save states feature is a boon for moments you get interrupted, and life calls on your time, ensuring a quick reload even after powering off the device.

Connectivity and Battery Life:

With its affordability, the Super Pocket does come with some trade-offs. The absence of built-in Wi-Fi and Mini-HDMI out might disappoint some users looking for additional connectivity options. However, the decision to exclude these features appears to be a deliberate choice to keep costs low.  If you are looking for those features there is always the Evercade Exp handheld. The device's four-hour battery life is respectable for on-the-go gaming, and recharging via USB-C is efficient enough to give it a quick charge.


In a market flooded with high-end gaming devices, the HyperMegaTech Super Pocket does all the things right to carve a niche for itself as an affordable and compact handheld tailored for retro gaming enthusiasts. Its retro-inspired design, compatibility with Evercade cartridges, and thoughtful features make it a compelling option for those seeking a portable dose of nostalgic gaming. While it may lack some modern amenities, the Super Pocket's emphasis on simplicity and affordability positions it as a charming and accessible entry into the world of retro gaming on the go. Whether you're a seasoned arcade veteran or a newcomer to the classics, the HyperMegaTech Super Pocket is poised to deliver a delightful and pocket-friendly gaming experience. 

Product Hyper Mega Tech!: Super Pocket handheld console 
Release Date: October 2023
Price: £49|$59|€59 each
Price special edition pack (2 handhelds included): £119.99|€139.99!


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