Retro gaming in your pocket with the HyperMegaTech Super Pocket Gaming Handheld

July 12, 2023  Today Blaze Entertainment unveiled its first products under their new "HyperMegaTech" brand! And they start of with...

July 12, 2023 
Today Blaze Entertainment unveiled its first products under their new "HyperMegaTech" brand! And they start of with a banger. Introducing the Super Pocket, a new retro gaming handheld that brings the arcade experience right to your pocket, yes maybe even those non existing women's pockets you might have heard about. This tiny powerhouse is packed with built-in arcade games from major gaming publishers and poised to take the retro (and indie) gaming world by storm. 

1.21 Jigawatts! Unleashing the power of nostalgia 

 Let's dig right into the important bits of this announcement. Blaze Entertainment introduces two editions of the Super Pocket that will be hitting retailers late 2023. sporting multiple color designs the two introduction options are the "Super Pocket Capcom Edition" and the "Super Pocket TAITO Edition". These tiny treasures are basically mini versions of Blaze Entertainment's flagship consoles the Evercade EXP and the Evercade VS. But despite sporting some impressive hardware these new handheld consoles will be pleasantly priced at an very affordable £49, $59, €59. And you do not even have to wait a long time to get your hand on it as pre-orders open July 14th 2023, with the official release scheduled for October 2023.

Authentic Arcade Experience without the need of quarters

Unlike many products in the retro gaming market, which often include a limited number of games, home console ports, knockoffs or just rom rips, the Super Pocket stands out by delivering the actual arcade games you know and love, fully licensed by their publishers. 
You can relive the thrill of the games that once emptied your pockets with endless coin-ups and conquer the challenges that captivated you in your youth anywhere you go. With its small size : 78mm x 125mm x 25mm and a high quality 2.8” IPS Screen with 320x240 resolution the device is easy to take with you and store as the name suggests in your pocket or bag.  It boasts four face buttons, a start and select button, a menu button, and a specially designed circular D-pad, optimized for the Super Pocket. The device also includes four rear buttons for games that require expanded controls. The whole thing is charged via a USB port so no fumbling with batteries or proprietary cords needed.

The Super Pocket Capcom Edition arrives with a dazzling lineup of 12 amazing games from the legendary publisher. Dive into classics such as Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting, Final Fight, 1942, and the home console version of the original Mega Man. All these games come pre-loaded on the Super Pocket, presented in a vibrant Capcom-inspired color scheme that adds an extra touch of retro charm. 

For enthusiasts of TAITO's iconic games, the Super Pocket TAITO Edition is a dream come true. Immerse yourself in 17 incredible games, including seminal arcade classics like Space Invaders, Elevator Action, Bubble Bobble, The New Zealand Story, Rastan, and the home console gem Space Invaders ‘91. This edition comes in a captivating TAITO-inspired color scheme that pays homage to the company's rich gaming legacy. 

Intuitive User Interface and Enhanced Features 

 Building on their experience with the Evercade brand it will not be a surprise that the Super Pocket features an easy-to-use User Interface (UI) that allows you to effortlessly select your desired game, save or load your progress, and customize screen ratios and pixel-perfect options on the vibrant IPS display. But the excitement doesn't end there! One remarkable feature of the Super Pocket UI is the ability to activate "Easy Mode." This innovative addition lowers game difficulty, enabling you to conquer challenging levels with ease or providing a more accessible gaming experience for younger players. If you are pure of gamer heart you can ignore this option, but accessibility is such an important thing to include, and we are happy to see it. 

Just full of surprises
Perhaps the best surprise packed with this little device is that in addition to the pre-loaded games, both Super Pocket editions are fully compatible with Evercade Cartridges. As some of you might already know , these cartridges, designed for Blaze Entertainment Evercade systems, feature legally licensed games from multiple publishers. By inserting these cartridges into the Super Pocket's cartridge port, you can expand your gaming library to over 500 titles. The complete range of Cartridges is supported, offering endless possibilities for retro gaming enthusiasts.  With the recent news that almost 90% of games published before 2010 are now largely unavailable it is great to see renewed efforts to bring them back legal and affordable to the public.  

Keep an eye out for Limited Editions 
 The Super Pocket Capcom Edition and Super Pocket TAITO Edition will be available individually for £49, $59, and €59 from various retailers, including Amazon, Funstock, Best Buy, Video Games Plus, Game, and Argos, among others. 
Additionally, for collectors and enthusiasts, limited editions of both editions will be released, featuring a crystal translucent plastic shell in their respective colors. These exclusive editions will be available from and, catering to the UK, US, Canada, Europe, and more. 

 Pre-order and Holiday Gifting 
 Excitement is already building, as pre-orders for the Super Pocket Capcom Edition and Super Pocket TAITO Edition open on July 14th. Make sure to secure your very own Super Pocket, as these highly anticipated handhelds will be available just in time for the holiday gifting season in October 2023.  With their very affordable price tag you could even buy both without too much crying from your wallet. You can keep them both for yourself, or gift one to a friend.

HyperMegaTech is a new retro entertainment brand from Blaze Entertainment Ltd., the makers of Evercade. With HyperMegaTech, Blaze Entertainement is able to bring great licenses and properties together with retro and nostalgic products featuring modern sensibilities, and deliver them to a wide audience of fans and retailers. HyperMegaTech, like all Blaze Entertainment products, features officially licensed retro games direct from the publishers.

All in all, it looks like the HyperMegaTech Super Pocket is going to be a remarkable handheld device that brings back the magic of arcade gaming in a compact, portable and mostly affordable package.  Gamers can immerse themselves in a treasure trove of classic arcade titles build right into the device and keep expanding the library with the Evercade cartridges. We cannot wait to get our hands on it for a full review later in the year.


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