Go GO ... GoGo town A cozy GTA , sim and Tycoon mashup.

Dumped into a rundown town, you discover that you’ve been conned into this role by the greedy TownCo corporation, and that their town restor...

Dumped into a rundown town, you discover that you’ve been conned into this role by the greedy TownCo corporation, and that their town restoration project is a giant scam. However, with careful planning and a lot of gumption, you have a chance to restore the town to its former glory, and maybe even free the town from the clutches of TownCo in the process!  Who said being Mayor was going to be easy?! Get those hands dirty; terraform the land, play with power tools, construct fresh roads and shiny new shops, attract tourists, and juggle any unexpected challenges and disasters… Every decision and action made shapes the future of your town.

If you're a fan of cozy games, simulation games and tycoon games, you might want to check out GoGo Town, a new upcoming game from the Australian publisher/Developer Prideful sloth. The game was introduced to us as a “cozy GTA mashed up with Tycoon and sims games” and offered a delightful animal crossing-esque art style with a unique mashup of all these genres. Essentially Gogo Town is a town building game that lets you build and manage a town from scratch, while also offering a live sim-style interface where you can interact with almost everything in the game world or just let it run its course. The game was announced and showcased at PAX with a PAX exclusive demo, where it received positive feedback from players and critics alike.

In GoGo Town, you start with a small town and have to build it up by harvesting resources, creating job areas, and converting raw materials into different products. You can chop down trees, process them into planks, mine for minerals, and hire workers to help you with your tasks.

One of the unique features of GoGo Town is its live sim-style interface, which allows you to interact with the game world in a very tactile and hands-on way. You can hire workers to perform specific tasks, such as forestry, mining, or courier services, and you can see the physical objects and items in the game world. For example, when you mine for minerals, you can see the rocks and ore in your backpack, and when you transport goods, you can see the courier carrying the items.

The game also offers a tycoon game-style element, where you have to manage logistics and resources to ensure that your town runs smoothly. You can hire workers, set up job areas, and fit out buildings with different functions, such as a fast-food shop or a crafter. You can also repurpose buildings to meet changing demands or challenges if the game requires the focus to be elsewhere.

GoGo Town offers complete freedom to the player in setting up the town. The player can build the town through full terraforming or full manual construction. The game also allows the player to decorate and customize buildings, and businesses can change while the building stays.

What really stood out was the way the team of Prideful sloth addresses those parts that often make cozy games, kind of stressful by giving autonomy to the workers you can hire. Once you set them up there is not much you need to do in ways of managing them and keeping them happy, which allows you to go explore, build new areas and attract new tourists.  These tourists can be mummy’s , ghosts or even aliens who arrive by UFO, and work hard on making everyone believe they are try hoomans.

The goal is for GoGo town to be able to deliver a fun drop in / drop out couch co-op experience , which makes us as a gaming family very happy. And the dev team is committing a lot of testing time with players to ensure they bring the best experience in terms of gameplay. Initially developed for Steam they plan to release the game on all consoles, with initial focus on the Switch but also moving to Playstation and Xbox.

Overall, GoGo Town is a fun and engaging game that offers a unique mix of live sim and tycoon game elements. It has a charming art style and offers a lot of variety in terms of gameplay and activities. If you're a fan of simulation or tycoon games, animal crossing, cozy exploration games,  or just looking for something new to play, you might want to keep an eye out for GoGo Town and check out their steam page where you can now Wishlist the game.

Go-Go Town! on Steam (steampowered.com)


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