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Party games have seen rapid growth in the last few years. Ever since Cards Against Humanity took over the more innocent gameplay of Apples t...

Party games have seen rapid growth in the last few years. Ever since Cards Against Humanity took over the more innocent gameplay of Apples to Apples and unleashed its unrelenting crass humor to the world many more games have followed its footsteps with various degrees of success.

There are card games about dating (Red Flags), Graphs (Charty Party), Memes ( Whats that meme) and many more. The all follow the same formula, make a funny combination or response  based on a question or statement and have the designated player choose a winning entry. The bigger the party the better the reactions and the laughs. The majority of these games tend to cater to mature audiences leaving you with fewer choices for family /all ages play. They also restrict you to pre-made questions and answers. This has the advantage that you can play when you cannot think that quick on your feet, but it can also restrict you and at times leave you with no good cards to play. What if you had a great response you thought of, would it not be great is you could actually play it or act it out?

Name that Review is a new card game that aims to not only have you come up with your own funny answers but to even act them out in all sorts of silly ways. And on top of that it can be played by players of all ages, your group determines how far you take it.

The game is based on the world of user reviews, remember those insane reviews for the three wolf t-shirt on Amazon? ( No? Really look it up) or perhaps it is your favorite past time to ready the crazy one star put downs on Yelp. Taking the concept of amazing five start or crushing one star reviews , NrR asks the players to take on the roll of buyers and reviewers

One player will take on the roll of the buyer and it is their job to listen to the reviews, guess the product reviewed and then award points for most helpful review and best performance.

The other players take on the roll of reviewers. They draw a card for a persona they will play and to help out the card will have an image and some keywords for that persona. For instance a hippy will have the words : "Groovy, Magical, Peace , etc" But feel free to add more if you know them.

The buyer flips a coin to see if they are looking for a one star or a five star review.

Now the reviewers pull a product card and make sure the buyer does not see it. All reviewers have 2 minutes to come up with a review for the product , either praising it to high heaven ( five star) or digging its 6-feet deep grave (one star). Hopefully doing so in the most hilarious way. 

Once the two minutes are up the reviewers act out their written review WITHOUT naming the product they are describing, use silly voices crazy movements, maybe even a few props.
I can see you already worry, Hey Geeks.. I am not a big actor, I have no improve experience. That is OK, maybe you can channel those old Billy Mayes commercials, or do your best Arnold impression. Or just be yourself, it will all work out fine.

Now it is time for the buyer to guess the product, if they guess it right they get a point.
Then they select the most helpful review and give them a point as well as one point for the best performance.

Now the next person becomes the buyer and you start over. After a few rounds the two players with the most points go into a sudden death mode. All other players can then use their points to give to one of the remaining reviewers and declare the ultimate winner. 
Or if it is like most of our game nights, you just keep playing till everyone is super tired and go to bed :) 

It is an interesting take on the formula, and the fact it can be played pretty much all ages , well maybe not the real young ones, it can find a place at any party event and become a fun way to connect and interact with eachother.
If you are interested in the game check out their full pitch on Kickstarter now. 

Their early bird $20 /game has ended but there are still some good deals available.
They hope to release the game by November this year.

Party on and please leave us a five star review....... as a bouncy cheerleader? * * * * *

Product Name: Name that Review
Type : Card/Party game
Audience: Family to Adults


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