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What is  GeeksvsGeeks all about?
What is  GeeksvsGeeks all about? We are a website and social media / video channel where we  try to entertain and inform you on the fun you can have sharing in geek culture with a new generations whether they are your kids, niece and nephews, siblings or students.  This site, it's youtube channel, streamer channels and more. Have grown out of discussions in our own family with the kids about getting more involved online using social media. turns out... It is a lot of work :)

Even though it is currently heavily video games focused we do not limit ourselves to anyone topic and will discuss and partake in whatever interesting comes up. As of right now all content is created by family and friends whenever we can during our busy lives so content will be sporadic, but hopefully always interesting. Please join us on our journey in growing this community.
If you would like to contribute to the site with a video,  or article showcasing your geeky hobby or regular news updates then please feel free to contact us via social media.

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