Intragames announces a new SHMUP for Nintendo Switch and PC.

A few weeks before the opening of the world's largest game convention , Gamescom in Cologne Germany, Intragames announced a new Shoot-em-up coming Nintendo Switch by the end of this month. The in-house developed Grand Brix Shooter is falls in the arcade style bullet-hell category where you will have to survive waves of enemy encounters with you spaceship though skill, pattern recognition and sheer luck.

Their take on the genre will be the inclusion of a fusion system. This system allows to combine your craft to be combine with random other aircraft found in the game. There are an initial 10+ playable vehicles each with a unique playstyle and strategy. By picking up power chrystals from destroyed ships and fusing with other ships you will increase the abilities and power of your craft increasing your chances to make it through the challenging levels and defeat the end bosses. 
There are secret unlocks that are linked to completion of mission quests that can further built up your ships weaponry. Still getting challenged? Bring a long a friend on your journey in local couch co-op.

Grand Brix shooter features:

- A fusion system that lets you combine with randomly-appearing aircrafts
- A upgrade system where you collect experience points to power up your aircraft
- Strategic elements - change crafts at the right time to survive the waves of bullets
- Secret units with massive power hidden throughout the levels
- Challenge Mode lets you compete with friends for high scores

- Online leaderboard encourages you to step up your game
- Local 2 player coop

Intragames hopes to release Gran Brix Shooter on August 29, 2019 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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