Mech vs Minions Wave 3 unboxing.

Mech vs Minions  Wave 3 unboxing.

With the popularity of board games at an seemingly all time high there is no shortage in choice of games these days.
From kid friendly , to super casual party games to multi hour long deep strategy games and every possible option in between there should be no worry that you will feel left out. There is a game for everyone out there.

As more board games are being created some are standing out due to their large content , high quality pieces and often difficult to find in your local store's board game section.
One of those standout games is Mechs vs Minions. A game created by Riot Games. Yes that Riot Games. From the league of Legends craze.
It would be easy to slap something together on a whim , stick a license on it and rake in the cash on name recognition alone. But that is not what happened here. Instead we get a game which is cleary designed and built by people who are as passionate about board games as they are about the video games they produce. With over 100 ,miniatures, some already painted (THANK YOU) solid materials and a sorting trays included you will find this one game that can impress any of your friends and family when you plop its hefty box on the the table and start setting up.
The cartoony designs and an online radioplay to set the scene, this game overcomes its intimidating size and accomplishes to make even the most inexperienced player curious and eager to play.

So we were very excited to get a copy in the mail today and were eager to dive in and check out all the goodies inside the box.

See the video included to join us in the experience.
And find more info on the game here:

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