What a way to warm our hearts. More ways to escape. As a free DLC. Snow Way out.

Warm  the hearts of all escapists with a new free DLC. Snow way out.

Looking for more escapist challenges? Want some winter season themed gameplay? Well grab your hot cocoa and get ready for a free festive update for The Escapists 2 coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch™, PC, Mac and Linux. TODAY!

Team17,  launched a free content update for its hit prison-escape game The Escapists 2, with the arrival of the Snow Way Out.Picking up where on last year’s "Santa’s Shakedown" left off.

We are truly living in the darkest timeline indeed as Santa has now ditched his mantra of good will to all and has instead opened a booming online retail store.
 His sleigh sits abandoned, as new delivery sleighs ship products all around the world. The North Pole now contains warehouses and concrete cells to contain the poor elves forced to work for Santa. You still better be on your best behaviour, as waking up with a lump of coal in your desk is the least of your concerns!

The free Snow Way Out update includes:
  • A new festive themed prison to escape
  • 4 new jobs: burning letters to Santa, engineering, reindeer feeding and servicing the robot workers
  • New items to forge a new craftable weapon – the Candy Pain!
  • Unique ways to escape

Checkout the announcement trailer below or follow this link

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