Happy thanksgiving, bring out the games!

Happy thanksgiving, bring out the games!

Thanksgiving 2017 is here and with it the holiday season has officially taken off. Tomorrow morning we will see the arrival of Santa Claus in the the USA during Macy's Parade.
And as the days get shorter , the temperature drop and the family visits start it brings plenty of opportunity to bring out those boardgames.

This past weekend, well timed the people of PAX Expo had their first "unplugged" version and soon we will share with you an overview video of the great time we had there. But here as a nice
hors d'oeuvre to help you last until then we have a nice gameplay overview of MoonQuake Escape.

Jack Johnston , the creator of the game was all smiles , ready with a box of moon pies , ready to show anyone interested his game. He was even generous enough to let us film his presentation , to share with you , the viewers at home.
Taking the role of an alien prisoner on an odyssey to escape the moon prison and fly away in the only one person spaceship available to enjoy that sweet freedom in the infinite universe. avoiding environmental hazards, fight off robot guards and elude your fellow prisoners who each themselves are desperately to escape themselves.

With a cool premise, straightforward gameplay and a wonderful unique 3D game board this one is a game that has made it into our hearts and onto our wishlist for Santa this year.
 Check out the video and see for yourself . And if you want to know more checkout the moonscape facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MoonQuakeEscape/) or go to www.breakinggames.com

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