Alternative to hunting or overpaying for a SNES classic.

If you are still looking out for a SNES classic (or NES classic for that matter) and are just not sure how to get your hands on one, you can always find alternatives to play the classics.

Besides plenty of emulators freely available for PC, there are home builds that you can try for yourself such as a raspberry pie with retropie on it. It is not very hard to do, but it might not have that console feel unless you can get creative when building the housing for it.

So here is another alternative. Retro-cade. Already available on Amazon and at many other vendors they just announced the super-retrocade. coming this holiday season. At under $60 the device seems like a fun alternative to look into. Whatever path you choose, have fun living nostalgia and reliving those classic games.
Check out the video below.

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