Droning on .. Crash and burn or high flying serenity?

Droning on .. Crash and burn or high flying serenity?

Received a package in the mail this week.. You might have seen our video about it. If not see below. It contained a drone. The DJI spark to be exact.

This was send over by drone zone (NL) to have a play around with and get some drone flying in with something that is not sold at banggood or at your local 7/11 .

I have been known to crash flying things..Whether in video games where my main tactic is making it to the my destination and then bailing asap or in real life where I lost many a rc helicopter or drone in a tree somewhere.

So getting my hands on one of these made me a little nervous.  But going though a bunch of DJI tutorial video's in setting up this drone and using their in-app simulator I felt more confident that this might be something I can handle. Between the powerful motors, stabilization and GPS coordination as well as auto take of and landing there are enough safe guards for anyone. There is even a beginners setting that provides proverbial side wheels for the budding drone flyer.

Built in no-fly zones, return to home buttons, this little drone comes packed with the works and on top of that has a very nice 1080p camera that can record your whole adventure. With all those safety features you would almost think it the experience will be muted , but there is just something special about seeing the area you are in from a birds perspective.

This isn't to say I was no longer nervous to fly this thing. Sweaty palms and shaky hands easily gave away my apprehension to "let her rip" and explore the skies. But after a few minutes I became more confident. Confident enough to be handing over the controller to one of the junior and let them have their moment without worry things will go instantly horribly wrong.. But I will be playing the "hover" parent ..pun intended.

Soon I will post a video of us flying the spark to show you the fun we had with the device. Off course batteries do not last forever but the entertainment it provides is not measurable in time. For now I just wanted to drop in and give a quick update and wish everyone in the US a happy and safe 4th of July weekend.  Don't hurt yourself or endanger others, and that includes drone flying.

See you around

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