DEFORMERS ReFormed, Let's SPLAT again!

A while back we reviewed Deformers, a new game from the creative minds at Ready at Dawn. 
The game showed potential, but there were some things that held out enthusiasm back a bit including a mandatory online presence. 
Today we received word that Ready at Dawn has not stopped caring for their game and a series of changes addressing these issues will be introduced under the banner of Deformers Reformed.
Some of the changes/additions include: 

Offline Couch Co-Op

Players can now enjoy a grudge-enabling offline couch co-op experience with up to 3 of their friends. A PlayStation Plus/Xbox Live membership will not be required for playing offline.

Cross-Network Play
·  Players on Steam and PlayStation 4 can play together
·  Players on Steam and Xbox One can play together as well.

Enhanced Gameplay
·  Team and opponent health bars make it easier to know if the player should assist their buddy or fire off one more shot to finish a weakened enemy.
·  “Perfect” action pop-ups notify when the player has hit the sweet spot of a Ram, Block, or Throw (“Perfects” do more damage and stun enemies for a longer duration).
·  A quick-chat tool has been added to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which provides the ability to communicate with other players using preset messages.
·  New in-game tutorials are rolling out to help players perfect their skills before entering the combat arena, they will help the player get up-to-speed on the basics and core mechanics of Deformers, as well as learn about Powers and Classes.

The changes will go live Thursday, June 8th at 10:00am PT

Further more, to promote these changes , Deformers will be featuring a free to play weekend and some promo offers. see below for more details:

·  In-Game Currency: 30,000 Silver will be added to player accounts created prior to June 6. Silver can be used to unlock Styles, Tags, Taunts, and Emotes in the Workshop.
·  Free Weekend: We will start a Free Weekend event on all platforms that will go live June 8that 10:00am PT.
·  50% Off Promotion: starting during the Free Weekend period and lasting until June 11th, Deformers will be on sale for 50% off on Steam. Additionally, Deformers will be on sale for 50% off on all platforms through the GameStop online store as well as in GamesStop retail locations from June 9th to June 15th.
We look forward trying these changes.

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