It has been quiet ...too quiet..

So yes,
What is going on you must wonder?  Where are the movies, the articles, the silly bitsNbobs I was promised!!

Well , it has been a bit crazy I am afraid. We have been on a roll for a while when all of a sudden that fun bit called real life decides to bolder through and take all our attention.
As you are well aware we are a really small family run site and it just happens to be that schoolwork including SOL tests were around the corner and tons of homework to boot.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg of things that had to be done.
So it has been a bit slow again. I could have been busy just rehashing the trends of the day , but I am sure you have found those a lot faster on reddit or one of you other favorite goto sites, you do not need us for that.

It is our intend to deliver a different slant on things, focus on other angles of fun geek cultural things to do and once in a while have a review or two of some cool video games if we get graced with a code or otherwise access to it.

So because there are a few more to-do items are on the list you will find that we slowly coast into the summer with a lower coverage level then  you have seen in the past few months, with the exception of E3 coverage as there is some exciting stuff to be seen there.

Please stay with us , keep checking in ( remember you can subscribe to be notified of new posts) and follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Hopefully we will get more guest contributors as well that will increase our content for  you .

See you real soon


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