Guardians of the Galaxy 2 musical munchies

When you are hungry for tunes and a cheesy corn snack!

Since the dawn of time, well at least since I can remember, movies and munchies, have been  pretty much inseparable. These days the same goes of merchandise and official soundtrack releases .
With this months release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 we witnessed a merger of all of these in one delicious package. Chips maker Frit-O-Lay  partnered with Marvel to bring the world a bad of Doritos that features a music player that looks like Starlords tape player and actually features a headphone jack .

All the buttons work, you can skip tracks, change volume etc. And when you power it on the bag lights up like one of Rockets gadgets.

Though a bit pricey at $30 it is a well produced exclusive item that works surprisingly well, especially for what it is.
Not having opened the bag, it does seem to contain actual chips as well, so that is a bonus.

When plugged in by USB (yes it has a USB port as well) we get access to the included memory and the soundtrack on the device.

Surprisingly they were not stingy with the MP3 files as they are fairly large in size seemingly having a decent bitrate. There is even some space left to add more track so with a little work you can probably add the OST of the first movie as well.

Check out the movie below to get a look and listen of a musical bag of burritos.... What a time to be alive :)

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