Guardians of the Galaxy 2 reviews are dropping in.

Guardians of the galaxy had it's Hollywood premiere a few days ago and reviews are starting to pour in. So far things look good. very good. The new Marvel PG-13 sequel to the surprise 2014 hit space opera brings the band back together for some more exciting mix of humor and action.

Though overall final grades differ somewhat, the overall premise is that we are in for another treat of a movie. Running at a solid 82% fresh on rottentomatoes at time of writing, the most negative comments so far seem to stem from the fact the movie had so much to live up to concerning the first one that as usual in sequels, some area's might fail in meeting expectations.  It seems we can expect a retread of some of the same concepts, and a lack of main plot focus. Mind you earlier reports of test screenings were showing some crazy high ratings, so as usual tastes differ and GotG2 is no exception.

Though we have not seen the movie yet, the criticism seen so fare does not feel like a deterrent from going or worries no one will have a good time.

In fear of getting to many spoilers of the plot we stopped digging. But it good to see that we have an early summer blockbuster waiting for us in just a mere days.

If you are not too worried about a few story giveaways check out the trailers and read some review, but it seems that this movie will be a winner by any standard.

When will you go see the movie? Or were you already privy to a sneaky peak? Let us know

The movie is out in the UK this Friday and May 5th worldwide.

See you at the movies!

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