Hey all,

Sorry for all the quiet around GvG lately.
Please rest assured that we have not vanished of the planet.. In fact we are working on one fun ideas to add real soon.
For now day jobs, school and conventions have been keeping us very busy and away form posting daily on the site.

Blizzcon has just closed up as well as a number of more local conventions such as Youmacon and Nekocon and many others. It is always a great time to lookup some of that fantastic cosplay and see if any new announcements are made concerning our favorite fandoms or video games. And especially Blizzard did not disappoint. Finally we got to see Sombra

And we learned that diablo 3 will get a new class ( Necromancer) and a graphical patch if you want to get a original diablo fix in an upcoming patch that will included a remake of sorts of the original diablo in the D3 engine. 

In other news I was at a local con and saw my first copy of the labyrinth boardgame in the wild. I di not purchase it at this time however, but it looked mighty interesting. If you are looking for a copy check amazon.

That is it for this quick update.
See you all around soon for some more GeeksvsGeeks Shenanigans.!

And grown-ups in the USA..remember to adult.. and vote tomorrow.



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