Winter is coming ..time for a board game paradise at Spiel '16 ...

Summer is over, schools are in fill swing and we are entering the darker and colder days of the year on our way to the holidays.

During those lang dark nights if is often a good time to spend some quality time together indoors with family and friends watching a movie, dinner, chatting or playing board games.

When mentioning board games your mind might be wandering back to your younger days playing monopoly(tm) and perhaps even dealing with sore winners and sore losers. But the last couple of years the innovation in board games has grown exponentially and is reaching far beyond the latest themed version of the classics or variation on battleship(tm) or hungry hungry hippos (tm).

The influx in games comes mainly from smaller companies or independent designers.There are many different games that range from simple 15 minute card games to elaborate multi season strategic behemoths with game play that can go on for hours or days.

There are fierce competitive games as well as casual games that can cause much hilarity and there are many board games out there that are meant to play cooperatively . Work together against the game to achieve a certain goal and claim victory as a team or wallow in defeat together.

Some of the games that have led the way in this (r)evolution have become classics themselves by now such as "Settlers of Catan(tm)" and "Ticket to Ride(tm)". But there are many more fantastical games just waiting to be explored.

These are some great games to get you started.
If you are luck enough to live in or near Essen Germany than you are in for a treat as October 13-16 they will be hosting Spiel '16 .

Spiel is a yearly convention for all things board/card games and related activities for the whole family. Many designers come out to showcase and test their new games and many vendors show off the current games for sale and teach you how to play them.

There are people that travel from all over the continent and beyond to attend this event and if you can make it you are poised to have a great time.
 Perhaps your biggest challenge will be how to bring all those new games back home .


See a trailer to Spiel below

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