System Software update 4.00 out now for PS4 in North America.

The latest update for the PS4 (codename Shingen) was released today and it features some welcome changes to the PS4's UI.

First off all it will now offer the ability to create folders and sort your items accordingly, this has been a much requested features ever since the PS4 was released but it is better late then never and good to see it as an added option.

They have also added a cool new customizable quick menu allowing you quick access to your friendliest, broadcast settings, audio control etc. all without having to leave your game. The customizable part makes it extra neat because it allows you to have it work in a way best for you.

Another very useful update is the library overhaul that includes an option o see all purchased games. Very nice especially when you are managing limited storage ( not everyone upgraded to 2 TB yet) and this way you can quickly lookup the games you own and re-download them when you want.

There is much more to be found in the latest update, just have a peek for yourself at the playstation blog or via this youtube video.

Happy gaming!

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