Happy fall everyone

Just a short blog post today.
This weekend GeeksvsGeeks has been very busy checking out haunted houses in order to get some Halloween inspiration ( it is my favorite holiday) and we spend time fundraising for JDRF. An organisation worthy of your time, attention and funding. They spend all their efforts and 80% of funding directly into research on type 1 diabetes. A auto immune disease that is effecting millions of lives..

This weekend pretty much also brought us from the summer into the fall , the leaves are falling and so are the temperatures. We are preparing ourselves for the mass release of new videogames, and new toys just in time for the holidays.

In the next few weeks it is the plan to bring you more insight and information on what to expect in the common months and where to find the hottest must have geek-a-things this year.

Further more we will do some more videos, reviews and overall insight in all things geeky.
If you have a great idea, a question or a suggestion .. please contact us at GeeksvsGeeks@gmail.com

Have a wonderful week and see you soon.


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