Gang Beasts: Physics based fighting game gone awry!

So here is the deal. Gang Beasts is rough, unfinished, hard to control and lacks serious polish.
But it is also a lot of silly fun.

I first saw it in action in a small corner of the double fine booth at PAX West and just knew this can be a really fun thing to play as well it being the perfect entry for our first YouTube video.

Just like the game itself the video is a bit rough, unpolished and chaotic with load laughing , screaming and general silliness but it was a blast to play and we are glad to be able to share some of our session with you.

Be aware the game has no rating and it involves cartoon figures trying to throw each other of buildings, under trains and into grinders or fiery pits. But there is no blood, no realism , It is really not worse than and episode of Roadrunner or a set of "rockem sockem robots".  As always YOU are in control of what you would play with your kids.

You can watch the video down below and check out the game for yourself on steam.

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